5 Money-Saving Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Who doesn’t love products that can save us money and time? Here are five of our favorite money-saving gadgets:

Fruit freshness extender

1. Battery Charger

It seems like battery chargers were big when they first came out but, over time, it seems the energy died down and everyone stopped talking about them. Not us. We think they’re incredibly convenient, and they can potentially save you a lot of cash — especially if you find yourself constantly changing out the batteries in your kids’ favorite toys and devices. In fact, one user wrote about saving more than $75 each year with rechargeable batteries! Besides, who wants to make additional trips to the store for replacements when you can renew the batteries that you already have at home for free?

2. Self-Cleaning Electric Shaver

When it comes to money-saving health gadgets, you can’t go wrong with a self-cleaning electric shaver, especially if you’re a regular groomer. Although the initial investment may end up setting you back a couple hundred dollars, it should only take you about eight months to break even and start seeing the savings. Likewise, the thought of not having to buy disposable razors and shaving cream on a weekly basis anymore — and you still get a fresh shave — should make you a true believer.

3. Motion-Sensing Light Switch

Want to save money but consider yourself too lazy to even turn the lights off when you leave the room? No problem. Just install motion-sensing light switches. They’re some of the greatest energy-saving products because you literally don’t have to lift a finger to use them (after the initial installation, that is). They sense when you come in and go out of the room, turning the lights on and off for you, and typically reducing your energy consumption by 35–45 percent. Never worry about tripping over furniture in a dark room again!


4. Food Freshness Extender

We know how it feels. You’re so proud of yourself for going to the grocery store and picking out all those fresh fruits and vegetables. Then, you “accidentally” let them sit in the fridge a little longer than you intended and they’re suddenly wilted and rotten after only a few days. Cut down on the wasted food and money — up to $600 for a family of four! — by simply tossing a freshness extender ball in your crisper drawer. It works by absorbing the ethylene gases in your fridge, which tell the produce to continue ripening. And it lasts for up to three months, keeping your produce fresher longer.

5. Learning Thermostat

Perhaps one of the top energy-saving devices around, learning thermostats go beyond your typical temperature programming. They learn your habits after only a few days of adjusting the temperature yourself and then take the reins, adjusting the temperature accordingly for you. Don’t worry; you still have full control over the units. It’s just incredibly convenient not having to worry about adjusting the thermostat all the time — and saving between $131 and $145 a year, on average, while you’re at it. In fact, learning thermostats actually go beyond merely keeping your house comfortable. They can sense when no one is home (thus, refraining from heating or cooling the air for no reason) and determine how you can use your heating and air conditioning units more efficiently, as well.


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