Quick Tips for the Home

When it feels like your life is running on empty, keeping up with work, family and all of life’s little chores managing the home can take a back seat. Learn quick-tips for the home from organizing, cleaning, maintenance, safety and more.

Smiling woman holding a recycling bin

30 Natural Home Remedies for a Green, Eco-friendly Lifestyle

It’s never too late to live a greener and more environmentally friendly life. Here are loads of quick and easy tips to help make your home greener and more energy efficient.

Woman with basket of laundry

8 Tips on How to Do Laundry Better

Doing laundry can be a real chore, but it's one that must be done. Use these helpful laundry tips so that you can get the most out of each washing and drying cycle.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Broken Appliances?

Are one or some of your appliances starting to breakdown? Learn which ones should replace and which ones will last longer with some minor repair.