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10 Major Appliances Covered with an AHS®  Home Warranty

American Home Shield is there to help protect your budget and systems and appliances when they break down. Check out all the info on 10 major appliances covered by an AHS home warranty. 

Stainless steel fridge coverage

Being a homeowner means being responsible for repairing, replacing and maintaining all of your home’s systems and appliances. That’s not cheap. In fact, personal finance experts recommend that you budget about two percent of your home’s value for repairs and maintenance each year. That can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Even if you have a relatively inexpensive home, you’re still looking at spending a couple of thousand dollars a year on home maintenance and repairs or saving it for the day when you need to pay for a big-ticket repair, like a new HVAC system.

A home warranty from American Home Shield can help you fit unexpected home repairs into your budget,and that’s a big deal when you have retirement to save for and kids to think about. 

What does a home warranty cover? You can get coverage for these 10 home appliances with our Appliances Plan or Combo Plan.  

1. Refrigerators

When your refrigerator breaks down, you need it repaired fast. You might be able to fix some fridge problems yourself, but other problems are going to require professional assistance. And some problems, like a faulty compressor, may be so expensive to fix that it’s cheaper to just replace the refrigerator. 

Your AHS home warranty will cover the repair of a refrigerator damaged by normal wear and tear, or replacement if it comes to that, up to plan limits. You can use our members-only AHS® Appliance Discount Program to get a great deal on a new, brand-name appliance.

2. Clothes Washers

You can’t get by very long without a clothes washer. What are you supposed to do, dump your clothes in the tub and stomp them like grapes? When you have trouble with your clothes washer, you can’t always solve the problem yourself. Our Appliances and Combo Plans offer coverage for unexpected breakdowns of all components of clothes washers, both front- and top-loading models.

3. Clothes Dryers

You might be able to get by without a clothes dryer for a little longer than you can without a washer, if you have a place to hang your clothes. But, with your busy schedule, who has time for that? American Home Shield is here to help. If your dryer isn't getting hot, isn’t spinning or is making a weird noise, we’ll hook you up with a technician who can fix it for you. All clothes dryer parts and components are covered under our Combo and Appliance Plans.

4. Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens

When you have a family to take care of, you need to be able to cook meals. Whether you have a range or a separate cooktop and oven, they’re covered under both our Appliances Plan and our Combo Plan.

5. Dishwashers

Is your dishwasher leaking, making funny noises or not draining? Are you having to wash everything by hand? Our Appliances and Combo Plans cover all components of dishwashers, so you can quit worrying about who’s going to do the dishes. 

6. Built-In Microwaves

Built-in and over-the-range microwave ovens are super convenient when you’re trying to heat up a quick side or a cold cup of coffee. But, like any other appliance, they can sometimes break down. Consumers report problems with the door not closing, the control panel breaking, the microwave making too much noise or just not heating up food. All of these issues are covered under our Appliances Plan and our Combo Plan.

7. Freestanding Ice Makers

If you don’t have an ice maker built into your fridge, or you need more ice than your fridge can supply, a freestanding ice maker is the answer. Fortunately, repair and replacement of all parts and components of your freestanding ice maker are covered if you have the Appliance Plan or the Combo Plan.

8. Trash Compactors

Trash compactors are the go-to appliance for homeowners who don’t want to lug huge bags of trash around. And because they compress trash, they leave more room in landfills. But problems can cause the ram to stop working correctly, make the door stop shutting completely or even cause the trash compactor to stop powering on properly. Both our Appliances Plan and our Combo Plan offer coverage for breakdowns of trash compactors.

9. Garage Door Openers

Who wants to get out of their car and open the garage door by hand? If you’ve had a garage door opener break down in the past, you know that replacing one can cost more than $300. Offset some of that cost with the garage door coverage provided under our Combo and Appliance Plans.

10. Built-In Food Systems

A built-in food processor makes food prep super easy. With your food center centrally located right in your prep area, there’s no need to clutter up your counter space with small appliances or spend half an hour hunting for the blender in your kitchen pantry. When your food center breaks down, it’s covered under our Combo and Appliance Plans.

Unlike some home warranty companies, American Home Shield doesn’t require members to provide maintenance records for appliances, and we’ll cover your appliances no matter how old they are. Even some duplicate appliances are covered, so you can get your beer fridge fixed, too! American Home Shield lets you take care of your home systems and appliances properly, so call or go online today to get the best plan for your needs.

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