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Father carrying his son
Father carrying his son

Your success drives our success

American Home Shield® suppliers play a vital role in our daily operations, ensuring we exceed customer expectations through high standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Our suppliers rise to the occasion by providing the necessary products, services, ideas, and solutions to help us deliver to customers while continuously finding ways to reduce our costs.

Our value to partners and customers

American Home Shield offers a range of business and home services, and understands the value of customer satisfaction. We seek to partner with companies who also understand that value and will work with us to optimize our service solutions to improve the quality of our customers’ lives.

American Home Shield is part of the Frontdoor family

Frontdoor, Inc. is reimagining how homeowners maintain and repair their most valuable asset - their home.

As the parent company of two leading brands, we bring over 50 years of experience in the home services industry. American Home Shield, the category leader in home warranty plans, gives homeowners budget protection and convenience with a national network of trusted, qualified repair professionals. Frontdoor is a cutting edge, one-stop-app for home repair and maintenance that allows homeowners to connect with experienced repair experts in real time to diagnose and solve their issues via video chat technology. Maintaining a home can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be with Frontdoor, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a confidentiality agreement protects the privacy of our business, as well as that of our suppliers.

No, all necessary legal and operational paperwork should be completed prior to beginning a supplier partnership.

No, we do not sign off on these forms.

Yes, this is our preferred method of payment to U.S. bank accounts. We will email all remittance advices in either PDF or CSV format.

For all non-corporate entities: If the annual aggregate payment is $600 or more, we will mail you a 1099.

Please email all update requests to

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Become an AHS supplier 

If you’re as dedicated to customer satisfaction as we are, we’re interested in getting to know you. For all inquiries, please contact