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American Home Shield® suppliers play a critical role in supporting our operations. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers both internally and externally requires the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Our suppliers understand this mandate and rise to the occasion by providing the products, services, ideas, and solutions we need to deliver daily on our promises to customers while continuously finding ways to reduce our costs.

Given that American Home Shield offers a broad array of business and home services, we understand the value of customer satisfaction. American Home Shield seeks to partner with companies who also understand that value and will work with us to optimize our collective service solutions to simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives.


Supplier Relations

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American Home Shield is part of the Frontdoor family.

FrontdoorFrontdoor Family

Frontdoor is the largest provider of home service plans in the United States. Utilizing our nationwide network of thousands of pre-qualified contractor firms, we respond to more than four million service requests annually (or one every eight seconds).

We are obsessed with taking the hassle out of owning a home and transforming the $400 billion U.S. home services market through innovation, the use of data and technology, expanding our services, and delivering a consistently exceptional experience.


Since 1971 we have provided comprehensive home warranty plans for American consumers, being the first of the many home warranty companies that have imitated us ever since. Our promise is simple: the peace of mind and convenience that homeowners expect the market leader. A fixed trade call fee, a single number to call when things go wrong, expert customer service representatives, a comprehensive yearly service contract, and a reasonable home warranty cost.

Both ends of a real estate transaction can benefit from being home warranty customers: for the seller, a home warranty can increase the confidence of prospective buyers and increase the price of the property or make the sale easier. For the buyer, it ensures that the repair or replacement of appliances and potentially expensive repairs of home systems are covered by a service provider.

We use licensed, independent, trusted contractors from our nationwide network, and they're regularly evaluated by customers like you to make sure they're meeting our standards and providing excellent service.

No. You can purchase a home warranty from American Home Shield without an inspection or maintenance records.

Yes, click on the following link to review our home warranty contract. AHS Sample Contracts.

Yes. We don't care how old your home, systems, or appliances are - our home warranty protection will cover them.

Finding the right home warranty company means comparing plans and choosing the home warranty that best suits the needs of your home. The ShieldSilver™ plan is for homeowners who want to cover the must-haves like your heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems. The ShieldGold™ plan is perfect for anyone who wants to live life with less interruptions, especially in the laundry room and kitchen, with coverage for the main systems and appliances you use every day. And with the ShieldPlatinum™ plan, you get coverage for just about everything: key components of 23 major home systems and appliances, plus premium features like Roof Leak Repair Coverage, double the coverage amount for appliances, and a free HVAC Tune-up. No two homes are the same, and that’s why we have options – so you can find the plan that fits your needs.  

Once your coverage begins (30 days after you purchase your new home warranty plan) you can request service 24/7 online or call 1-888-691-2854 during standard business hours to request service. 

Legally, companies offer a home warranty service, not “home warranty insurance”. With that said, if you’re looking for a service that covers the systems and appliances in your home when something breaks down, chances are you’re not looking for a home warranty insurance, but for home warranty, which we do offer.

If you’re looking for “appliance insurance” or “home appliance insurance”, chances are you’re also looking for a home warranty.

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