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Cost Savers Articles

Home expenses can severely diminish your day-to-day savings. Home Matters experts believe in finding ways to cut costs and increase your household budget. So you can spend more money on the things that truly matter. Learn tips in cost-saving strategies, energy conservation, D.I.Y. and more.

Turning Your Tax Return Into a Home Upgrade

Here is a list of some common home improvements that you can use your tax return on and increase your home's value instantly.

How to Create a Budget for the New Year

If you're going for a new year, new me vibe, you can't keep the same budgeting tactics you did in the past. Learn some simple ways to budget to get the most out of your income.

Make Sure You're Heating Your Home Efficiently

Home energy efficiency is important if you want to keep your power bills as low as possible. Learn how to make sure you're heating your home efficiently.

10 Ways to Save Money the Rest of the Year

Everyone looks for new ways to save money anyway they can. Use these tips to help grow your savings account for the rest of 2019.

5 Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

AC bills can add up quick. Use these AC tune up tips to cut down on your bill and improve your AC efficiency.

Why You Should Install an Energy-Efficient Pool Pump

Pool pumps can be an expensive repair. Learn why installing an energy-efficient pool pump can help you in the long run.

5 Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

AC bills can add up quick. Use these AC tune up tips to cut down on your bill and improve your AC efficiency.

Protect Your Budget from Unexpected Home Maintenance Costs

Don’t get caught with unexpected home maintenance costs. AHS is here to help you better protect your budget so you are prepared for unexpected repair needs.

Gutter Cleaning: DIY or Pay a Guy?

It's not a fun chore, but it's an important one. Gutter upkeep is important for all homeowners. Learn some common tips for cleaning your gutters and downspouts.

Summer Savings: 21 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Do the earth a favor and conserve water this summer by collecting rainwater, mulching your lawn, avoid running your pool filter and letting your grass grow.

Slash Your Energy Bill With These Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

With energy costs rising every year, making quick and easy energy efficient home improvements is more important than ever. Here are a few simple ways you can cut your energy bill right away.

Budgeting for Unexpected Home Repairs and Expenses

If you're budgeting for house-related expenses don't overlook appliance home repairs and replacement costs. Budgeting for home repairs can make all the difference.

5 Ways to Get Out From Under Holiday Bills

Feeling that holiday bill hangover? You’re not alone—Americans planned to spend $861 on the 2014 holiday season. Whether you spent more or less, here are ideas to put that debt to bed.

5 Ways to Stick to Your Budget

Improved finances are the second most popular New Year’s resolution next to losing weight. Use these five tips to get your household budget in better shape.

Do You Know How to Save Money During the Holidays?

There is not a bad time to start looking for ways to save money, especially during the holiday season. AHS has tips on how you can save this time of year.

Light up Your House for the Holidays, Not Your Energy Bill

These energy-conscious lighting tips will help you save some money on your energy bill this holiday season, leaving you with more funds to spend on loved ones.

What Does a Garage Door Replacement Cost?

Replacing a garage door isn’t cheap! The average cost to replace a garage door can vary depending on the type and style of door you buy. Let AHS help you plan your budget.

10 Natural Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer is here. And so is the heat. But don’t let that keep you inside – here are 10 great life-hacks for staying cool during the warmer months.

5 Tips to Help Build an Emergency Budget

Building an emergency fund may not be your top priority, but what if something unexpected were to happen, would you be ready? Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

How to Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank

When the mercury creeps higher it's natural to want to ratchet up the air conditioner. But that's not always the most economic or eco-sensitive solution. Believe it or not, making a few simple changes can pay off with a cool house and a lower bill.

How and Where to Buy Tile: A Guide

Tile can drastically change a room’s ambiance, but it can also quickly eat away at your renovation budget. Look at this guide to define how and where to buy tile.

How Does a Convection Oven Work — and is it Worth it?

Are convection ovens worth it? We break down how a convection oven works, answer whether anyone really uses it and break down if it can be worth it to you.

How to Teach Kids About Money at Any Age

Want your kids to grow up to be responsible with money? Then start young! Whether your child is 5 or 15, use these tips to teach them about spending and saving.

Home Warranty Basics and What It Covers

A home warranty is one of the best means of protecting your budget that a homeowner can have. But, what exactly IS a home warranty?

Shop ‘til You Drop — Again: The Best Deals After Christmas

After-Christmas sales are a great time to stock up on certain items! Need winter clothing? Want electronics, toys, or holiday decorations? Then get to shopping!

7 Budget-Friendly Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Looking for ways to keep warm this winter without busting your budget? Here are some practical and inexpensive ways to keep your home warm.

Warm Up Your Home Without a Traditional Heater

Does your home need an alternative to traditional heaters? Then check out the pros and cons of alternative home heating methods to see if one is right for you.

Why a Hybrid Heat System May Be Good For Your Home

Have you ever heard of a hybrid heating system? Also known as a dual-fuel system, learn how it can save on heating costs over the long-term and how it works.

Do Smart Home Energy Savings Really Exist?

Home automation and smart technology have become popular, but do they save you money? Learn what devices and technology may be best for your home and wallet.

4 Everyday Uses for Solar Energy to Enjoy a More Efficient Home

Solar panels aren't the only way to add solar energy to your home. This sustainable energy source can be used in water heaters and lighting. Learn how to go solar!

The AHS Top 10: Best Money-Saving Apps for Budgeting

Having trouble sticking to a household budget? Then check out these financial apps! Whether you struggle with spending, planning or saving, there's an app for you!

Add Value With These Must-Have Home Improvements

Looking to update your home systems or specific rooms? Learn which improvements have the most impact on your home resale value and your enjoyment of your home.

Can Appliance Life Expectancy Bust Your Budget?

When the fridge breaks or the dishwasher is on the fritz, the impact on your budget and stress level is felt immediately. Learn how an AHS home warranty can help.

How to Choose the Right Dishwasher for Your Home

Need a new dishwasher? AHS gives insight on what to consider: needs, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. Learn how these affect the cost and features of a new one.

Keep Out the Sun With Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Looking to stay cool without cranking the A/C at full blast, but can't afford energy-efficient windows? Learn how shades, shutters, and window treatments can help!

What to Know: Furnace and A/C Replacement Costs

If you’ve found yourself eyeing your increasingly undependable unit and wondering about the average cost to replace heater and air conditioning systems lately, keep reading.

6 Ways to Start Planning a Family Vacation on a Budget

Planning a family vacation on a budget may sound difficult and time-consuming, but it’s actually quite easy. Simply follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to making memories — and saving some serious cash.

Is Your High Water Bill Due to Plumbing Problems?

If you're wondering why is my water bill so high, then checking plumbing fixtures for leaks is a must. Leaky faucets and running toilets can really cost you.

Cha-Ching: 8 Ways to Save Money on Electricity Bills This Spring

Just because temperatures begin to rise drastically, your electricity bill doesn't. Learn simple ways to lower your bill and use electricity wisely this spring.

Being Energy-Efficient Could Equal Tax Credits

Making energy-efficiency home improvements and choices can save you money in the long run, but did you know it may also save you money during tax season? Learn more.

8 Springtime Energy Saving Tips for Better Home Efficiency

Saving energy saves you money. When the seasons change, the ways of reducing energy consumption also change. Learn how to increase your home's energy efficiency!

Reduce Your Winter Heating Costs

Learn easy ways you can save on winter heating costs. Turning down the thermostat and making sure vents aren't blocked reduce heating costs.

How to Save for Home Improvements

Simplify budgeting for home improvement projects with these tips on how to create a savings strategy and reduce overall spending to create the home of your dreams.

DIY Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Get an updated, stylish kitchen while staying on budget. Follow these DIY tips and make small changes that result in a big impact. Kitchen remodels can be affordable.

How to Insulate Windows to Reduce Heating Costs

Insulating windows in winter can reduce heating costs and make your home more energy-efficient. Follow our easy how-to guide to get your windows ready for the cold.

Personal Finance Items to Review Annually

Here are some home-related financial items that should be reviewed each year to ensure that you have the coverages you need and that you’re getting the most out of your money.

How to Get Your Finances in Order

Money worries have you down? Follow these tips to help you stick to a budget, find energy savings at home and lower your bills.

5 Reasons to Start the New Year With a Home Warranty

Wondering if you really need a home warranty? Here are five reasons why you do! An AHS home warranty offers appliance discounts and saves on repair costs.

Energy Vampires: Which of Your Electronics Are Draining Energy From Your Home?

Don't let power-hungry electronics result in higher electricity bills and less money in your wallet. Learn what electronics you should unplug when not in use.

Is A Home Warranty The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Saving money on unexpected repairs is one benefit of a home warranty. Give peace of mind this Christmas by giving someone an American Home Shield home warranty!

How to Plan a Holiday Budget

Holiday shopping and entertaining doesn't have to break the bank. Follow these tips to start saving early and prepare a budget that allows you to enjoy the season!

How to Choose The Best Energy Efficient Windows

Learn what to look for to save on energy costs. Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12 percent.

How Can a Home Warranty Protect Your Dream Kitchen?

An American Home Shield Home Warranty® Plan covers the repair and replacement costs of more than 20 of your home appliances and system parts. Choose from existing plans or customize one that meets your needs without paying for unnecessary coverage.

Create These Ice Cream Recipes With Your Functioning Freezer

Making ice cream is simpler than you might think — you don't need bags of ice and salt or even a special ice cream machine. Just be sure to keep your freezer in great condition — you'll want to use it to make these tasty ice cream recipes all summer long.

Summer Savings: 21 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Do the earth a favor and conserve water this summer by collecting rainwater, mulching your lawn, avoid running your pool filter and letting your grass grow.

Off To a Vacation Let Your AC Relax, Too

Learning how to set your programmable thermostat on vacation is an excellent money-saving practice. Learn the best practices to help your AC and wallet.

3 Simple Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill in Half

Here you'll find ways to save money on your electric bill with these Home Matters experts tips from energy conservation hacks to programming a thermostat.

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Summer

It's Summertime, and the living is easy. Until your see your energy bill. Save money on your electric and utility bills using these energy conservation methods.

Download Your Free American Home Shield Tax Guide

Filing federal taxes and waiting for your estimated tax return can be a stressful process. Save money and learn the tricks to tax preparation from AHS Home Matters.

Tips for Saving Money

Getting your finances in order can be an overwhelming experience. Follow these simple tips to put a plan in place and start saving today.

Energy Tips for Daylight Saving Time

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, your energy bill gets bigger. Take advantage of these tips to reduce the energy consumed in your home as spring and summer approach.

Is an in-floor heating system worth it?

Are in-floor heating systems worth the cost? We discuss the costs and benefits of in-floor heating systems for your home.

Plan Your Shopping Budget for the Year: A Monthly Strategy

With the New Year here it's time to set realistic home shopping budgets. We'll explore how to budget for household expenses on a monthly basis for the year.

Cooktops vs. Ranges: AHS Weighs In

The centerpiece of your kitchen is your stove and oven. You have a couple options to choose from, cooktops and ranges. What is the difference? Find out here.

7 Of The Best And Easiest Homemade Wood Floor Cleaners

Cleaning hardwood floors can be tricky. These 7 solutions make it easy to clean any kind of wood floors without harming them.

Homemade Carpet Deodorizers

Could your carpet be the source of that funky smell? These homemade carpet deodorizers can help lift the smell without using harsh chemicals.

The Pros and Cons Of Compact Washers and Dryers

Is space a hot commodity in your house? Find the pros and cons of cutting back on washer and dryer sizes right here.

To Flush Or Not To Flush: The Truth About Composting Toilets

By mixing the waste with other materials, composting toilets are able to eliminate odor and use significantly less water than the average flush toilet.

How to Recycle Your Greywater and Why it Matters

Greywater is gently used water from sinks, showers and washing machines. Find out how to recycle your greywater, reducing water waste and saving money.

Myths vs Facts: The Truth About Radiant Floor Heating

Have you heard mixed reviews about radiant floor heating? Here are the facts that will help you make a better informed decision about heating your floors.

DIY Recipes To Help You Save Money While Being Eco-Conscious

Maintain a good, clean home without breaking the bank. Save money and the environment all at once with these DIY home cleaning solution recipes.

Looking For The Best Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe?

Homemade cleaning solutions are often less toxic than name brand cleaners. These homemade window cleaner recipes will help keep your home safer.

Old Tricks To Saving On New Appliances

Big, fancy appliances don’t have to cost you a pretty penny. There are plenty of ways to avoid emptying your wallet for a new washer, refrigerator, etc. You just need to know the tips and tricks to the process. Here are some that can help you save.

Labor Day Fun for Less

As the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is perfect for spending special time with family and friends. The long weekend presents the opportunity for parties, BBQs, camping and so much more – even better, there’s a way to do it all on a budget.

10 Easy Dishwasher Tips That Will Help You Save Money

Dishwasher maintenance is essential. Cleaning your dishwasher and looking out for early signs of trouble saves you from spending hundreds of dollars on repairs - or even more on a premature replacement.

The Detergent Duel: Solid VS Liquid

You may not think much of it when using your dishwasher, but the type of soap that you choose to use can have a unique effect on the dishes being washed. Learn more about the differences before starting your next load.

Will Summer Renovations Save You Money?

Since you likely spend more time inside your home during winter months, it’s no surprise that, by summer, you may be ready to tackle that renovation project you’ve been considering.

Save Money and the Environment by Saving Water

Summer is finally here, and that means so is the heat. For much of the country, keeping a close eye on the water supply will now become increasingly important. Therefore, we’ve provided a few tips for helping you reduce your summer water usage.

Money-Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Spend less money on your pool and more money having fun by putting your pool on a budget. You live on a budget, why shouldn’t your pool?

Give Her The Gift Of Worry-Free Living This Mother’s Day

Now that Mother’s Day is on the horizon, consider some new ways to help her relax. There are plenty of new energy-efficient and timesaving appliances out there that are perfect for helping reduce the stress of daily demands.

How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

Food costs eat up a big part of your family’s budget each month. We have five easy ways to help stretch your dollar and take a bite out of that expense.

Gas vs. Electric: A Heated Debate

Many homeowners only think about price when it comes to purchasing a new oven or range. Make sure you’re well informed on the many other factors before making a decision between gas and electric.

7 Tax Deductions That Can Save Homeowners Money

As a homeowner, you may be eligible for some federal tax deductions that can save you money. Always consult with your tax expert about your particular circumstances. be sure to ask if you are eligible for any of these deductions:

Winter Survival Tips for New Homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner who's toughing out the first winter in your new home, you know that those frigid blasts of air can make your energy bills costly. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help stabilize and even lower your bills this winter.

5 Ways to Cut Your Heating Costs

Winter doesn’t have to mean higher heating bills. Here are a few simple home improvement tips you can use to help keep your house warm and your bills under control.

Top 5 Deals to Score in February

If the holidays drained your budget, this is the month to save on some things you’ve been longing for. Learn what goes on deep sale in February so you can get the best deals.

What's the Difference: Homeowners Insurance vs. Home Warranty

While both are great protections to have, home insurance and home warranties offer different types of protection. Learn what each covers and why you should consider purchasing both.

Energy Tip: Quick and Easy Home Fixes to Save Money

Month after month you pay your energy bill and it seems like the cost goes up and up. Luckily, there are a few easy changes to make around the house to help lower your energy consumption, which will lower your bill and save money.

Energy Tip: Measuring Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If your home is losing energy, you’re losing money. So, how can you know if your home is energy efficient? You can do a simple DIY energy assessment, or call an auditor or local utility for a professional assessment. Here are tips to get you started.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation After Summer…And Get a Great Deal

The summer of 2014 may be a memory, but post-Labor Day vacations are an ideal way to enjoy great savings and experience summer all over again.

How Water Conservation Can Save You Money

While everyone should do what they can to help conserve water for the community, learning how its use can affect your wallet can really make you pay attention. See what changes you can make to help keep both water supplies and bank account full.

8 Tips for Smart Back-to-School Shopping

It’s time for the kids to head back to school. If you’re overwhelmed by all you need to buy and organize, don’t hit the panic button just yet. These tips will help you save money and reduce stress, too.

Energy Tip: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Summer’s heat means you’re bathing more, watering plants, filling swimming pools and making gallons of iced beverages. Despite all that extra water usage, you can help reduce your water bill by following these simple tips.

Maximize Your Swimming Pool's Efficiency

Owning a pool doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, time consuming, or a giant waste of energy. Follow these tips to help you enjoy your pool even more this summer.

Natural Ways to Cool Your Home

With the high cost of energy, trying to keep your house cool during the dog days of summer can be quite costly. These natural ways to help keep your home comfortable are easier on the environment and your wallet.

4 Ways to Save on Family Vacations

You and your family deserve a fun vacation, but finding something within your budget takes time and good planning. With these practical tips and helpful ideas, you can enjoy a great family vacation that won’t break the bank.