Repair & Maintenance Articles

Home appliance and repair malfunctions are inevitable. Dealing with the pains of home appliance breakdowns is unnecessary with proper advice and home management remedies. Here you’ll find suggestions and instructional videos that will ensure smooth home repair and maintenance.

Drilling floors inside of a home

How to Handle Home Repairs During the Pandemic

Learn how to handle home repairs and upgrades during the pandemic. Which ones to do on your own and how to get help if you need it. Use these tips to remain safe.

outdoor ac unit near house

AC Insurance vs. AC Home Warranty Coverage

Learn the difference between having insurance for your AC unit and the coverage you get under a home warranty.

Double ACs outside

Is A/C Ductwork Covered by a Home Warranty?

Find out if AC ductwork is covered under a home warranty. You don’t want to get stuck with expensive AC bills. Learn more.