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conversation over bathroom sink
conversation over bathroom sink

Home Warranty Plans for Buyers

When making real estate purchases, buyers are faced with an array of important decisions that can seem overwhelming. And the questions of whether to add a home warranty plan and how to find a cheap home warranty plan are no exception. If you’d like protection for your home, then you’re in the right place.

What is ahome warranty? It’s a year-long, renewable home service plan that helps protect your budget by cutting the cost to repair or replace many of the systems and appliances in your home. 


We’re in the peace-of-mind business at American Home Shield, andwe make that and yourbudgetour top priorities. Here’s why ourhome warranty plansare worth it. 


Confidence and Comfort 

Your confidence and comfort are key.Withan American Home Shield®home warranty plan, buyers have the reassurance that many of the home systems and appliances they use every day, like their refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, air conditioner and more, are covered should a breakdown occur. If a covered item can’t be repaired, American Home Shield will replace it for you. A home warranty helps you protect your hard-earned real estate investment and focus on more fun things like making memories in your new home.  You can beconfidentinyourhard-earned real estate investment.   


Ourhome warranty plans for buyerscover things that home insurance doesn’t. Learn more aboutwhat is coveredwithhome warranty vs homeowners insurance. 


Budget Protection 

A great reason to get ahome warranty planis for the budget securityit provides.Enjoyhomebuyerprotectionfrom unexpected costs to repair or replace covered breakdowns, including those related to undetectable, pre-existing conditions such as lack of maintenanceormismatched systems.Ourhome buyer warrantyhelps buyers feel empowered to invest innew and older homes, where appliances and systems may need some extra TLC. 


Not worrying about sudden expenses isespecially important for buyers in low-inventory markets, where inflated housing prices may require larger down payments and leave less money in savings for unexpected repairs.   

Thinking about coverage?

Sounds like a plan. Find the warranty that fits you best.

Reliable Resource 

When covered items break down due to normal wear and tear, buyerscanknowthattheirrepair is intrained hands.You’llhave accessto ournationwide network of more than 17,000qualifiedcontractors, who arethoroughlyvetted andarereviewed by other American Home Shield members like you. 


Easy Access 

Memberscan make service requests for covered items online 24/7, 365 days a year.When we say reach out any time—we mean it!Almost 95% of the time,a service technicianis assigned to a job within 15 minutesof the request. 


Affordable and Flexible 

Ourhome warranty plans costyou less and offer you more.Thecost of home warranty plansvariesdepending on the coverage you choose, meaning you can choose the protection level that best fitsyourneedsand budget. Some members may need additional coverage, so we also offer optionaladd-ons to base plans because thebest home warranty planis the one thatserves youruniquehousehold. 


Less Worry, Fewer Hassles 

When you’re surprised by a problem in your home,AmericanHomeShield®homewarrantyplanswillget your household up and runningagain.Leave the diagnosis and repairof covered itemsup to us. No worryingnecessary. 


Peace of Mind 

What happens when a home buyer purchases a home warranty? They get complete peace of mind.We’ve crafted ourhome warranty plans for buyerssoyou can be less concerned aboutsystems and appliancesbreakdownsand more concerned aboutwhat color to paintthe walls.Our affordablehome warranty plansare worth the moneynow to potentially save you from future expenses.


AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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