Tips to Attract A-Buyers Who Are Qualified and Motivated

Often real estate professionals spend a lot of time and energy with clients who don’t end up in a transaction. But then along comes a buyer who is ready to go! This article provides a list of things you can do to attract the “A-Buyer.”

Qualified buyers

When it comes to the current market, there are numerous channels potential buyers can use to connect with real estate professionals. From social media and online real estate databases to traditional open houses, leads can come through a variety of sources. But in keeping with the adage that quantity does not necessarily translate to quality, agents may be all too familiar with the process of following through with prospects that don’t result in sales.

Here are some ways real estate professionals can get the most from their efforts by attracting qualified buyers who are truly motivated to make a purchase.

1. Host agent- and broker-only open houses. One practice that may help produce more desirable returns is for a real estate professional to host an open house that is limited to fellow real estate professionals. This can help streamline the sales process by focusing a real estate professional’s efforts on showing homes to parties with a genuine interest in a property versus curious and casual visitors.

2. Update your MLS listings and require open house RSVPs. Two key details that can help ensure a more successful open house for real estate professionals and brokers are: 1) updating an MLS listing with the time and date of the event; 2) requiring an RSVP for the open house — this will help filter out less-serious parties and lets real estate professionals know how many attendees to prepare for.

3. Focus on a niche market with reliable growth. Another strategy for attracting A-Buyers may be to consider targeted or specialty markets such as relocation referrals. This sector often features buyers who relocate due to opportunities within corporations or government agencies. Since finding housing is top of mind for such people, agents may find them more dedicated and determined when it comes to the purchase of a new home.

4. Consider incentives with a home sale. For leads who are seriously contemplating the purchase of a particular home, offering them additional features like a home warranty plan may help with the buying process. A home warranty plan from AHS® offers valuable advantages once a purchase is completed, including knowing a property has a service plan in place in the event covered repairs or replacements of appliances and home systems are needed.

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