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Home life is the heart of The Home Matters Blog. When life feels out of control, find simple tips and tricks to manage stress and maintain a home-life balance, so you have the energy to create the moments that truly matter.

Advantages of Installing an Electric Dog Fence

Keeping your pets safe should be a main priority for all pet owners. Learn how installing an electronic dog fence can help keep your dogs in the yard without taking away from the style or grace of your current yard setup.

Keep Your Home & Appliances Covered While Living with Roommates

Living with roommates can have many advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is that more people are using the fridge, washer and dryer, and other appliances, which means there is more of a chance something will break.

Single Mother's Home Improvement Guide

You work hard enough already being a single mom. Don't let simple home improvement tasks keep you down. Use this guide to help you with simple home maintenance projects.

Awesome Game Day Party Ideas

Planning on having everyone over for the big game? Check out these easy tips to make sure you're ready to host the best party on the block. 

12 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your place this year? Use these 12 tips to help get your house ready for the holiday celebration. 

Haunted Halloween Hors d'Oeuvres that are Quick and Easy!

Make these fun and easy Halloween treats to celebrate the spooky holiday. Get our free, printable recipe cards here!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Safe All Summer

With summer already here, your pool will probably get more use. Keeping everyone safe while they cool have and have fun in your pool should be made a priority. Use these tips to make your pool safer this summer.

Is My Pool Covered in a Home Warranty?

Summer is when you'll use/need your pool the most. Make sure you learn how a home warranty can help cover your pool from unexpected breakdown to equipment.

5 Most Common Problems for Homeowners with Pools

Owning a pool is great. From pool parties to just cooling off with your family. But owning a pool can be hard. Read about the most common problems homeowners with pools face.

12 New Years Resolutions for You and Your Home in 2019

With the new year comes a new you and new home improvements. AHS has 12 New Year's resolutions to help improve you and your home this year.

How to Hang Christmas Lights

Follow these tips to hang Christmas lights like a pro. Getting the outside of your home into the holiday spirit doesn't have to be hard, AHS tells you how to hang your Christmas lights.

Thanksgiving Traditions To Continue Or Begin

These Thanksgiving traditions are a great way to celebrate the holidays this year. Enjoy building meaningful memories year after year.

Your Thanksgiving Emergency Playbook

It always seems like there's always one thing that causes stress with Thanksgiving, and AHS has a solution. Ease the stress this holiday season with the Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

Celebrate the Beauty of Fall With 4 Easy Crafts

Easy and fun ideas for Fall crafts! Get your home and family into the fall spirit with these simple draft DIYs.

11 Best House Plants to Clear the Air

Whether you are looking to purify your home or just brighten your space, house plants are one of the best ways to do both! Here are 11 house plants to bring into your home.

Tips for Preparing Your Kids for Back-to-School

It is about that time of year again. Time to start preparing not only your kids but yourself for the new school year. Here are some of the best tips to make sure you are ready.

10 Rainy-Day Activities for the Family

Rainy days don't need to be spent in boredom! Here are 10 things to do on a rainy day, and you don't need any special equipment.

4 Themed Parties to Throw This Summer

Who doesn't love a good themed party? A pool isn't the only way to have some summer fun this year. AHS has some ideas for your next themed party!

4 Must-Try Recipes for July 4th

Celebrate the 4th of July with these 4 must try recipes! Whether you are having a party or just a small get together, we have something for everyone.

Air-Conditioner Lung: Why You Cough When the AC is On

Ever wonder if you can get a cough from an air conditioner? We'll take you through how the cold and pressure may lead to cough or potentially even a cold!

Are Pool Noodles Toxic? We Have the Answer

As much as we want to protect those around us, pools can be a hazard area. The noodles we use to let us float above the water can also be the thing to take us down. We will review PVC, the effects and some safer options.

10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Because It's Mom

We love our moms - so why wouldn't we want them to love what we can give back to them this Mothers Day? Here are 10 ideas to make 2018 the best Mothers Day of all.

10 Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids: DIY Classroom Cards

Wondering what Valentine's Day activities you can do for elementary students? Here are classroom Valentine card ideas that are sure to be an overall success!

Choosing a Residential Boiler System — Which is Best?

Does your home have a boiler? Do you know which type is best? Learn how different boiler systems affect your heating costs based on fuel and energy efficiency.

How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Elderly Family Members

The bathroom can be scary for people with mobility issues and injuries. Use these tips to make the restroom safer and more accessible for elderly relatives.

Winter Safety Stocking Stuffers

Everyone wants to give gifts that are wanted and useful. Check out this wish list of useful gifts, especially for loved ones that live in harsh winter climates.

What They Really Want: Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Who said gifts could not be both fun and useful? For the new homeowner in your life, here are some practical and highly desired presents to get them!

Spook-tacular Crafts for Your Little Monsters

Halloween is fun for kids and kids at heart! Get in the spirit by making these simple and spooktacular crafts that will help you bond with and delight your kids.

Dog Overheating? How to Keep Pets Cool This Summer [With Graphic]

Summer is hot. Really hot. You can always stay inside in the A/C or jump in the pool, but what about our pets, especially cats and dogs? Learn how to keep them cool!

Host With the Most: Fun Things to Do on 4th of July

Is it your turn to host the 4th of July party this year? Have no fear! While you’re getting your grillin’ on, let your guests — both big and small — celebrate the occasion with these five must-do activities.

Keeping It Fun: Summertime Yard Safety Tips

Being outdoors in the summer is lots of fun, but it can be dangerous if you don't pay attention to your surroundings. Learn safety tips for the pool, grill and more!

Handy Things to Do on Father's Day for Dad

Does your dad know his way around a toolbox and can he correctly repair things around the home? If so, these hands-on projects are great gifts you can do for him!

9 Tools to Add to Dad's Toolkit for Father's Day

Does Dad love to do his own home repairs? Is he always looking through his toolbox? If so, then these ingenious tools are perfect additions to his tool kit!

Outdoor Fun for Everyone: Backyard Ideas for Kids

Here are some of our favorite backyard ideas for kids — as well as some backyard ideas for teens — that will have them ignoring their handheld electronics and hitting the great outdoors in no time.

AHS: Household Activities to Relieve Stress

Home is the last place you want to feel stressed. With that in mind, here are some simple things you can do to relax at home. Some are as easy as breathing!

Ommm: How to Create a Home Sanctuary [With Graphic]

Focus on one room at your house — inside or outside — where you can go to relax from a busy day at work or with the children, and follow these steps.

4 Heartfelt Home Projects You Can Do for Mother's Day

Make Mom feel special on Mother's Day with these gift ideas from the heart. Whether it's a homemade photo collage or home improvement projects, show her you care!

Take Your Pick: 5 of Our Favorite Gifts for Busy Moms

Is the mom in your life feeling particularly stressed these days? Help her to relax a little — and know that she’s loved, of course — this Mother’s Day by giving her one (or more) of these top gifts for busy moms.

Mix it Up This Year With Easter Traditions Around the World

Get inspired to try new ways of celebrating Easter with traditions from other countries! Everything from making your own palm to cooking a huge omelette.

Show Some Love With These Gift Ideas for Your Valentine | AHS

Make your Valentine feel special this year with personalized gifts for him or her. Check out these ideas from American Home Shield!

Honey-Do: DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for Him or Her

Give your Valentine a gift that shows you truly care! Create a bonus room, finish that home repair, resurface hardwood floors or gift an appliance or she shed.

Prevent Safety Mishaps At Home From Ruining the Big Game

Don't let home disasters, like kitchen fires or blown fuses ruin game day. American Home Shield has tips on how to avoid these mishaps, as well as how to fix them.

How to Create a Home Theater for Your Game Day Party

Can't get tickets to the Big Game? Then bring the action to you with a home theater! Here are tips on what to consider before and after installing a home theater.

How to Decorate for Christmas Without Creating a Fire Hazard

Don't let fire hazards stop you from enjoying your Christmas. Accidents can happen - lights, decorated trees, candles. Follow our tips and enjoy the season!

Home Alone: How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Vacancy

Before you leave for the holidays, doing simple things like unplugging appliances, turning off the water supply and draining waterlines can prevent disaster when you return.

“Out of the Box” Home Appliance Halloween Costumes

American Home Shield looks to home appliances as inspiration for Halloween costumes. Be a running fridge, head in the freezer, microwave head or dirty laundry.

DIY Decorative Gourd Birdhouse

Turn the season’s bounty into a lifetime home for lucky birds or a unique object d’art to add whimsy and color for to outdoor spaces.

5 DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s time for the goblins, witches and ghosts to come out and play again. So you know what that means… Halloween’s here! This year, give trick-or-treaters a run for their candy with these five amazingly, spooky DIY decorations

Jaw-Dropping Treehouses From Around the World

What’s better than immersing yourself in nature this summer? Living in it, of course! Just take a look at how some highly imaginative adults made their biggest childhood tree house dreams come true.

Swimming Pool Fences: Safety First

While it takes a significant investment of time and money to build and maintain a swimming pool, an equal amount of attention should be focused on safeguarding the pool with proper fencing.

Why Do We Celebrate 4th of July?

Why do we celebrate 4th of the July? With this chart you will be able to be the envy of your friends and improve your knowledge of July 4th and Independence Day.

12 Ingenious Uses For Your Ice Cube Tray

Sure, you can use your ice cube tray to freeze plain old water but theres so much more that this simple tray and your freezer can do.

Amazing DIY 4th of July Mason Jar Centerpieces

Transform your table with simple DIY Fourth of July mason jar centerpieces. Get DIY mason jar instructions, inspiration and tips here!

Patriotic Mason Jar Meal Recipes

DIY patriotic mason jar recipes for your 4th of July backyard party. Discover recipes and ideas for mason jar salads, parfaits, drinks and more.

10 Amazing Gifts For Dads Who Like To Cook

Grill, cook and devour great food with these gift ideas for dads who like to throw down inside and out of the kitchen.

Home Matters 7 Favorite DIY Fathers Day Gifts

Trying to find the perfect father's day gift Make a gift from the heart with the Home Matters 7 best DIY father's day gifts from bookmarks, planters and letters.

Living With Less: Adopting a Minimalist Life

Learning how to live a minimalist lifestyle is all about understanding what minimalism is. It starts with making lifestyle changes that will help you live with less.

AHS Guide to Backyard Home Pool Safety

Backyard pools are awesome, but they’re also a big responsibility. To help keep your summer cool, follow this guide on pool safety. Planning a pool party? We have some great tips for making it a summer success.

How to Make a Fire Safety Plan for Your Family

Fire safety is important and making an escape plan is crucial during the onslaught of a hazardous event.

How to Have a Backyard Camping Adventure

Experience the smell of roasting fire and the feel of the great outdoors all from your backyard. Plan family activities, recipes and more with a backyard campout.

10 Things Mom Wanted for Mother’s Day and What She Really Got

Mother's Day flowers, appreciation, and love are all a part of what makes Mother's Day special. Except when expectations meet reality and you receive these gifts instead.

Quiz: Which Swimming Pool is Right for Your Backyard?

Choosing the right swimming pool for your backyard should be simple. Gain expert knowledge on whether or not choosing an in-ground or above ground pool is right.

10 Stress Management Secrets for Your Home

Relieve stress with our Home Matters experts 10 ways to combat stress. Reduce stress by exercising, being present practicing serene stress management techniques.

American Home Shield Takes to Instagram

Find the best tips for diy home renovations, remodeling and repairs with the American Home Shield newly launched Instagram account. Get connected and discover amazing #AHSPoolTips, #AHSSpringMaintenance and so much more.

6 Biggest Sources of Stress in the Home and How to Reduce Them

Getting rid of stress is easy once you unlock the secrets to the biggest sources of stress in your home.

13 Relaxing Ideas for the Ultimate Staycation

Create a unique vacation at home with these 13 ideas highlighting fun things to do including relaxing scents, outdoor activities, dinner plans and more.

Scientific Breakthrough Could Mean The End Of Lost Socks

Wool Socks, Shoe Socks, Dress Socks - Where Have They Gone? Quantum Physics could reveal why losing your socks in the dryer is no longer a mystery of the universe.

Multiply Your Fun On Pi Day

Home Matters is multiplying their probability of fun by celebrating Pi Day with party ideas, decorations and recipes.

How to Secure Your Home During Spring Break: A Jetsetter's Guide To Home Security

Traveling the world and leaving your home to the possibilities of home burglary can be very scary for homeowners. Protect your home with this Home Matters guide.

Women's History Month: Stress Relieving Tips

Being a woman isn't always glamorous. Practice self-love with stress relief and healthy stress management techniques to combat your busy and exhausting schedule.

How To Host The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! Celebrating Easter can be such a fun, family tradition. Hosting the perfect Easter Egg Hunt is essential to getting your Easter started off right.

5 Great St. Patty’s Day Recipes

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Irish inspired classic recipes and dishes like Colcannon, Shepard's Pie, Corned Beef and more.

Your Official Easter Egg E-Kit

The Home Matters home experts have put together an Easter Egg decorating and ideas E-kit not even the Easter Bunny could resist. Take a look at our ideas for decorations, games and more.

Going on Vacation AND Eating Healthy? Yes It's Possible

Stop! And put the ding-dong down. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to break your healthy diet. Going on vacation and eating healthy is possible.

Is Airbnb Right for Your Spring Break Getaway?

This spring are you looking to travel and see the world? Airbnb could be a perfect alternative for your wanderlust hearts. Here is why.

Test Your Knowledge on Daylight Savings

It's Daylight Savings Time. Learn how to use the extra daylight to your advantage with this informative quiz.

16 Sweet Ideas for Your March Madness Party

Score up with the NCAA Tournament March Madness party ideas and compete to win the title of the best March Madness party.

How To Make A Chore Chart For Your Kids

Don't be the first to start picking up around the house. Create a children's chore chart and make tidying the home an activity for the whole family.

Your (Somewhat) Official Guide to Home Office Success

Want to know the secret to success? Some say, "It starts with loving what you do." Well what about loving your home office?

8 Easy Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick's Day don't forget to remember to go green by saving money and energy with these simple home solutions tips and tricks.

Healthy Meals Made Microwave Fast

Microwave Recipe and Healthy Meals? What a quick and yummy contradiction. Cooking with a microwave just got a whole lot healthier with these recipes.

9 Getaways to Escape the Cold and Crowds

When the weather outside is cold and it's crowded inside it may be the perfect time for a getaway. We've put together 9 winter vacation ideas to help you escape the cold and crowds.

A Valentine's Day Plan for Every Man

Planning a special Valentine's Day is no longer a chore. We have a plan for every stage of a relationship. Whether you’ve been together for six months or six years, we've got you covered.

Which Iconic Love Story Are You?

Valentine's Day is close at hand and there are many famous love stories in history. With our quiz you'll see which historic couple your love is closest to.

Fun Quiz: Channel Your Famous TV Home Knowledge

For all the television buffs out there, we have a quiz for you. This fun quiz will test your knowledge of famous TV homes from popular programs.

Ideas for Proposing to Your Boyfriend on Leap Day

Marriage is a goal for most women and with Leap Day this year you can take the first step and propose to your boyfriend. We have some subtle ways to pop the question.

The Five “S’s” of Throwing the Ultimate Big Game Party

The Super Bowl is going to be epic and your big game party needs to be also. Following the 5 S's of Super Bowl parties will ensure that your big game party is great.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is the day of love and affection but how much do you know about this holiday? Test your V-Day knowledge with this love test.

The Homeowner's Guide to the New Year

The New Year is here and it's time review and make improvements for 2016. Here are some tips and helpful guides to make the new year a great year for homeowners.

Enjoying A Snow Day

Snow days are great times to spend with kids. Terri, from Creative Family Fun, gives us some snow day activity ideas that are filled with fun.

The Ugliest Ugly Sweaters of All Time

The ugly sweater tradition is based around holiday cheer. This comprehensive list of ugly holiday sweaters might make you cringe with holiday spirit.

Holiday cocktails (and mocktails!) to toast the season

The holidays are officially here. This list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is sure to kick off any holiday party with some extra cheer!

8 Quick and Simple Strategies for Holiday Entertaining Prep

Holiday entertaining can be stressful. These 8 quick and simple strategies can help you get ahead on preparing for your big holiday gathering.

QUIZ: Which Holiday Song Are You?

Every one of us has a holiday song that pretty much sums us up. Which one of these holiday songs are you? Take this quick and easy quiz to find out!

Donating This Holiday Season

Over 50 percent of charitable organizations receive their donations between October and December. Use these tips to help you start donating this season!

Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes

Holiday cookies are always a huge hit. We spoke to Jessica Espinoza from 20 Dishes, and picked her brain for some healthy holiday cookie recipes!

The Best Holiday Movies of All Time

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to the best holiday movies. This list includes some of the most iconic and loved holiday movies of all time.