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Home life is the heart of The Home Matters Blog. When life feels out of control, find simple tips and tricks to manage stress and maintain a home-life balance, so you have the energy to create the moments that truly matter.

Woman sleeping in bed with regulated temperatures in the home

Does Your HVAC Temp Affect How You Sleep?

Does your home's temperature affect how well you sleep? They say the optimal sleeping temp is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, so it just might — learn more.

Child at a table with laptop

10 Steps to Homeschool Success

With COVID-19 case numbers still rising, there’s no promise schools will start as normal in the fall. Use these tips for homeschool success.

easy home renovations

4 Home Renovations to Keep Busy While at Home

You're spending more time at home these days, so make the time productive. Here are 4 home renovations you can do while staying at home.