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30 Minutes To a More Organized Garage

Organizing the garage can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a way to make it fun (yes, fun) and less daunting.
Dad and Two Teenage Kids Organizing Garage


First, gear up. Get four or five tall shelving units, a bunch of sturdy clear plastic bins and garage hooks to move items off floor and onto shelves. To keep this task at 30 minutes, and add a little motivation, use a high-energy, 10-song playlist (10 songs roughly equals 30 minutes). Give yourself 3 songs for each step below, (there’s an extra song if you need extra time). Now, grab some buddies (husband, kids, friends, anyone you can bribe) and go.

1. Purge (3 songs)

• Do a quick sweep of your garage, grab everything you want to trash and toss it.

• Now put other items in piles to donate or sell.

• Remember, if you haven’t used an item in a year, you’ll probably never use it, so get rid of it.

2. Assess/Categorize/Organize (3 songs)

• Now, assess what’s left and start categorizing (sporting equipment, holiday decor, gardening supplies, tools, memorabilia, etc.).

• Put items in clear plastic bins by category then place them on your shelves.

• Bins that you won’t use often should be placed up high and bins used more regularly should be placed low.

• Use wall hooks to hang bikes, gardening tools, folding chairs, etc.

3. Clean (3 songs)

Now that the floor has been cleared, sweep it up and get rid of any additional trash that’s lying around. Now that your garage is clean, organized and free of clutter, not only will you be able to find things again, you might even be able to park your car in it.

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