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How To Achieve Your Dream Garage Makeover

Your garage doesn't have to be an unkempt room of clutter. Consider these tips next time you consider a garage makeover.

Decluttered Garage Makeover

The garage is an all-too-neglected area of the home often used to store anything deemed unworthy to occupy the rest of the house. The garage doesn't have to be the sight of unkempt clutter. Why not convert it into a functional, attractive and even fun room?

If you need to use your garage for what it was originally designed for—parking your car—but wish it wasn’t a haven for mess, dirt and bugs, there are a number of garage remodels that make the most of every inch of the space. One popular garage organization tool is the pegboard system, which allows you to hang tools and other small items which might otherwise clutter the garage.

Tools hanging on garage pegboard

Or you can go big and customize an entire wall storage system to hold everything from tools, bikes, garden hose, extension cords and seasonal decorations. You can find a number of complete shelving and storage bin systems at local home improvement and organization stores. And don’t forget the ceiling!

Consider setting up zones for specific items, and reduce the need to search every shelf and box when you need to find something easily. For instance, items you use often should stay close to the door, while seasonal items can be placed in a less obtrusive cabinet or shelf. Meanwhile, lawn mowers, hoses, work clothes and sporting equipment (items that are often dirty) should be stored near the garage door to avoid tracking dirt and mud into the house.

Another way to elevate your garage space is to upgrade the flooring. When it comes to this specific room, there’s no reason to stick to the standard concrete. From a simple acid wash to a more sophisticated epoxy coating, there are a number of easy-cleaning garage floors in an assortment of styles and colors.

Speckled Garage floor

While you’re at it, consider painting the cabinets and shelving for a more polished look. After all, there’s no law that says garages must be decorated with unfinished wood. If you create storage zones, consider painting each zone with its own color to visually reinforce the organizational system.

You can also upgrade your garage by installing a new garage door. Many garage doors can be seen from the street, so why not enhance its visual appeal? This upgrade can be as simple as painting a faux finish on an existing door or as lavish as installing a custom wood door for extra curb appeal.

Wooden garage door

Finally, if you don't need to park your vehicles in your garage, consider turning the space into an extension of the rest of your home. Transform your unused garage into a workout room or spare bedroom.


How to achieve your dream garage makeover


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