Decorating Ideas for Front Porches That Pop

Make your front porch a destination with these outdoor decorating tips. Whether you're looking for subtle design or wow factor, we have design ideas for you!

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Now that spring has arrived, you can celebrate the new season with some fresh decorations! Whether you’re looking for broad ideas — like basic covered porch ideas — or more specific suggestions — like front porch furniture ideas — we’ve got you covered. Implement some of these decorative front porch ideas, and you’re sure to increase your home’s “wow factor.”

Freshen up.

When you think of decorating ideas for front porches, pops of color may come to mind. There’s a reason for that. Nothing makes an impression quite like bold colors. Brighten the overall look and feel of your porch by painting your front door a color that stands out. If “bold” isn’t your thing, a fresh coat of a neutral paint does wonders, too.

Switch out the hardware.

Speaking of freshening up, go ahead and replace your outdated door hardware. And while you’re at it, add a unique doorbell and knocker for more “pop.”


Say “Welcome” with a colorful spring wreath and a cheerful doormat. If your porch is small and dark, consider also bringing a taste of the indoors to the area with a mirror. It’s the perfect way to reflect light and make the porch seem brighter and more inviting.

Add planters.

Of course we can’t leave out flowers. They’re a staple for adding color and charm. If you have the space, let your porch overflow with pots in different sizes, heights and colors that include different types of multi-colored plants and flowers. For a more uniformed look, go for symmetry. Add matching large planters with an assortment of bright plants on either side of the door.

Think outside the number norm.

Get creative with your house numbers. Switch out small numbers for large ones, nail them to a decorative succulent box planter or attach them to your door. If you prefer to skip the hammer and nails, consider ordering a custom decal with your number. Bonus Tip: You can also order decals with phrases, such as “Welcome” or “Hello,” to add even more of a creative touch.

Add architectural interest.

 Take your design up a notch by adding architectural elements. Want to fill a blank wall? Consider hanging shutters that you’ve hung ferns from. Want to feel like you have a covered porch without adding a roof? Build a pergola over the doorway. 

Make it cozy with curtains.

Curtains made from weather-resistant fabric do double duty: They block the sun, when necessary, and they add a homey look to the porch.

Finalize with furniture.

 If space allows, truly make your front porch an outdoor oasis by including inviting furniture. A swing with colorful throw pillows. A small bistro table that screams “sit down and enjoy that morning cup of joe.” The possibilities are endless. For an added uniqueness, consider repainting drab or outdated furniture with bright, bold colors. 

Now that you’ve mastered your front porch look, are you ready to spruce up the rest of your yard? From landscape lighting to a revamped mailbox, learn how easy it is to crank up your home’s curb appeal.


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