Will Summer Renovations Save You Money?

Since you likely spend more time inside your home during winter months, it’s no surprise that, by summer, you may be ready to tackle that renovation project you’ve been considering.

The good news is that planning renovations during summer months may be good timing, both in cost savings and convenience. There are many reasons why choosing summer months for home projects can work to your advantage.


First, in many parts of the country, milder weather is more conducive to construction and renovation projects. When the weather is warm and sunny, you’ll have a better chance to experience faster progress and fewer delays, which may shorten project time and save labor costs. Not having to deal with frozen ground and postponements due to ice, sleet, and snow is also a definite plus for your timetable. The additional energy costs that sometimes accompany renovation projects, due to increased traffic in and out of your home and open doors and windows, may also be lessened when the weather is milder.


The longer daylight hours during summer months can also work to your advantage, allowing more to be accomplished each day. Seasonal daylight savings time stretches the days even further this time of year for maximum productivity.


Summer can also be a good choice for renovation projects from a scheduling point of view. Most people have more relaxed daily schedules during the summer due to longer days, school breaks, and vacation time. This can make juggling the demands of the project easier and more convenient for you and your family.


Whether you have the potential to save money on materials during summer months largely depends on your particular project and the specific supplies needed. Advance planning and pre-ordering materials may help in this regard. When you interview contractors, be sure to ask if ordering the materials for your project in advance and storing them until construction begins will net any cost savings.

Regardless of the season, before tackling any home renovation project it’s a good idea to consider how your renovation investment will affect the value of your home. You may even want to consider whether it’s best to renovate or relocate from an investment and financial standpoint.

A renovation project can add enjoyment to your home for many years to come. When planning your renovation budget, remember to build in affordable AHS Home Warranty coverage to protect your budget from the high costs of repairs and replacements on covered home systems and appliances. AHS protection is something you can enjoy all four seasons of every year.

AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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