Decorating for Spring: 10 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

Springtime is the perfect time to hit the refresh button on your home decor. Toss the winter accents and perk up your palette, bring the outside in and let there be light.

Spring home decor

Spring is a time for new growth and transformation. A time to renew and refresh. And the perfect time to redecorate. The best part? You can add spring home décor without spending a lot of time and money. Here are 10 simple ways to freshen up your home with affordable spring decorations.

1. Ditch the dreary

Decorating for spring means ditching all the items that remind you of winter. That means tossing the heavy curtains, thick bedding and piles of blankets and making room for your lighter, more airy pieces. (It could probably go without saying, but unless you plan on replacing those winter items, we recommend simply stashing them instead of trashing them.)

2. Perk up your color palette

Yellow is the go-to color when it comes to decorating for spring. However, adding any “pop” of color to your décor can brighten your home substantially. Consider adding a bowl of lemons to the kitchen counter or disperse brightly-colored accessories throughout the house. Want to make even more of an impact? Create a spring-inspired accent wall or renew an outdated piece of furniture with a few coats of some brightly colored paint.

3. Don’t forget about white: It’s simple, fresh, crisp

 If bold isn’t your cup of tea, have no fear. Nothing says fresh quite like white. Remember the heavy winter curtains and bedding that you relocated? Those can easily be switched out with light, bright, white replacements.

4. Liven up the living area

Want to make a big impact with a small change? Switch out your throw pillows. Rather than focusing on what matches your furniture, focus on what will brighten your mood at the end of a long day at work.

5. Disperse spring centerpieces throughout the house

Did you think we forgot about flowers? No way! We can’t talk about spring home décor without mentioning spring centerpieces. Whether it’s a large bouquet in a brightly colored vase on the dining room table or a small succulent garnishing a white decorative tray in the home office, floral embellishments are a “can’t miss” when it comes to spring decorations.

6. Give your table some tweaks

 Table runners are always in style, but did you know you can turn them 90 degrees to make place mats fit for two? You can also add a little oomph (and channel your inner artist) by drawing on those solid-colored napkins with fabric markers and spring-inspired stencils.

7. Indulge in natural light

Now that the sun has officially decided to show up after a long and dreary winter, bask in it. One trend is to have “naked windows” in your home. If that’s a little too drastic for you, consider incorporating treatments that can easily be opened or pulled back during the day to let the light in. After all, natural light has plenty of benefits for your well-being and your pocketbook.

8. Add some fresh scents.

Don’t stop with the visual impacts. Indulge your sense of smell, too, with scents reminiscent of your favorite spring elements — or simply fresh scents.

9. Incorporate outside elements.

 Eggshells, birds’ nests, tree branches, oh my! Can you think of a more powerful, poetic sign of rebirth? Incorporating these elements inside your home is all the rage. Just make sure they have been vacated by their former inhabitants (ahem, the birds) before you uproot them and make them a part 20.

10. Think outside the box.

Want to spread the spring love beyond the indoors? Go for it! Spruce up your front porch with a new doormat or spring wreath. Add cute planters around your garage. Throw a couple of bright pillows on your outdoor swing. The possibilities are endless…

And speaking of refreshing, don't stop with the decorating. Consider adding a little maintenance to your spring to-do list, as well, to ensure every aspect of your house says "Welcome Home."

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