How to Lead Your Real Estate Team to Success

Learn the secrets to managing a thriving and happy team, so you can achieve more together.

Real estate teams

Lead by example

As a leader, you are a trusted, influential, and indispensible part of your real estate team. Demonstrating your effective leadership skills starts with leading by example. It’s important to maintain a proactive, motivated, and organized approach to team management. Experience, clear communication, goal setting, and mentoring are also standout qualities that agents look for in a team leader. 

Get a jump on goal setting

Whether you want to triple sales for the year or double leads for the quarter, establish your team goals early on. Communicating these benchmarks clearly so that every member knows your expectations and their roles in achieving them, is also vital. Once goals are set, it’s also important to monitor individual progress to help the team stay on track.

Use your resources

There are numerous resources you can use to collaborate with your team and meet your clients’ needs with greater efficiency—from cloud-based productivity suites, apps, project management software, and communication tools. Plus, AHS is here to supply you, your team, and your clients with in-depth info on industry-leading home warranty coverage.

Give them space and structure

While visibility and availability are important for any manager, it’s also beneficial to give your agents the space they need to make key decisions, work with clients, and collaborate with fellow teammates. Creating and maintaining structure within a team can also help agents stay focused and remove ambiguity regarding individual roles.

Make the most of meetings

At their best, meetings can be sources of great productivity. At their worst, they may be seen as ineffective and unnecessary. To make sure your team is getting the most out of every meeting, schedule them only when they are essential and have a clearly defined purpose.

Be flexible and approachable

Agents and their sales tactics can differ greatly from office to office and even within the same team. While it’s essential to have cohesive goals within your group, it’s also important to recognize the individuality and diversity within your team. Maintaining a flexible approach to each agent’s working style can help maintain a motivating and successful team environment.

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