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A home warranty is a plan that can cover systems and appliances when they stop working. AHS is the #1 Home Warranty Company with 1.8m clients.

What is a home warranty?

home warranty is peace of mind. It's a year-long, renewable home service plan that keeps you protected should a covered breakdown occur. A home warranty helps cut the cost to repair or replace many of the systems and appliances in your home. It complements your homeowners insurance by protecting things that your insurance doesn’t. 

Sometimes, things just stop working. Home systems and appliances you use every day, like your water heater and oven, will break down over time. You want to make sure you get the most from your home systems and appliances, no matter how old they are, and a home warranty helps keep them running with coverage options to meet your household's needs. When part of your appliance or home system stops working, American Home Shield® plans offer a budget-friendly solution. Together, we can get your appliance—and your household—up and running as it should 

Get the confidence and convenience you need in your home with an American Home Shield® home warrantyGone are the days of asking for repair recommendations or calling contractor after contractor. With a home warranty, our members receive expert service and swift solutions. 

What's covered? 

home warranty with American Home Shield covers the home systems and appliances that you use every day—no matter their age. Our home warranties help cover multiple items, like your A/C, heating system, water heater, electrical system, dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer, and more. Feel empowered to ditch that single appliance extended warranty, because with American Home Shield, you receive more coverage and protection. 

With 2 million members, we’re America’s most preferred home warranty company for a home buyers warranty because we don't require maintenance records or home inspections before activating your home warranty coverageIf we can’t repair a covered item, we’ll replace it with an item of equal value. As a member, your time, budget, and sanity are covered. 

Home Systems

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Let's face it, stuff breaks down. An American Home Shield home warranty can help make these inevitable breakdowns less stressful. As a member, you know your budget, your time and let's be honest, your sanity, are covered

Step-by-step guide to how repairs work 

Once you’re covered with an American Home Shield warranty, you don’t have to worry should you need us. The repair process is straightforward and hassle-free. Here’s how it works:  

1. Start a request online or by phone. 

When a covered item in your house warranty breaks or malfunctions, you can request service online or by calling us. Day or night, we’re here for you. Pay your set Trade Service Call Fee when you request service, and you’re all setLog into MyAccount to easily check the status of your request. 

2. We assign a professional contractor. 

We assign a qualified local contractor from our network to diagnose your covered item and offer a solution. Our network of 17,000 qualified contractors in 49 states covers every appliance and system we service. 

3. We cover the repair. 

Based on the contractor's diagnosis, we'll determine whether your problem is covered by your home warranty. If it is covered, the contractor will repair or replace your covered item (subject to limitations and exclusions).  

4We make sure your issue is resolved. 

You'll get a follow-up email to make sure your problem was resolved to your satisfaction. With our 30-day workmanship guarantee, if you have an issue with your completed repair within 30 days of service, we’ll send a contractor out at no additional cost.

So, how do I get started? 

Once you’re covered with an American Home Shield warranty, you don’t have to worry should you need us. The repair process is straightforward and hassle-free. Here’s how it works:  

1. Choose your coverage. Our home warranty plans are designed with your household and budget in mind. Here are the basics:

      1. ShieldPlatinum Plan™ : Our most comprehensive plan covers parts of your home’s 23 essential systems and appliances, plus roof leak repairs and a free HVAC tune-up* before the seasonal rush. It also includes higher limits on your covered items. *The HVAC tune-up service is not available in Hawaii.
      2. ShieldGold Plan™ : Our most popular plan provides comprehensive coverage for parts of your home’s 23 essential systems and appliances.
      3. ShieldSilver Plan™ : Our most basic plan offers coverage for parts of the 14 major systems that keep your home running smoothly.

2. Set your Trade Service Call fee. Choose your price—it’s as easy as that. This is the fee you’ll pay, by trade type (electrical, plumbing, appliance, etc.), each time you request service. If the issue is covered by your plan, it’s the only price you’ll pay to complete the repair or replacement.

3. Request a service. Appliances don’t have business hours, so we don’t either. Call us or go online 24/7 to request service.

4. We assign a pro. We’ll send a qualified contractor to your door to assess the issue and propose a solution. If the problem is covered, the contractor will repair or replace the covered item.

Why do I need a home warranty?

There are many compelling reasons why you need a home warranty. The short answer? It’s a proactive way to get peace of mind when it comes to your home. Here are a few more: 

To protect your home and your budget. When inevitable household breakdowns occur due to wear and tear, you’ve already done the upfront work. Rest easy knowing you’re covered under your American Home Shield home warranty and that you won't be overcharged for covered repairs. And if we can’t repair a covered item, we’ll replace it. 

To get a trustworthy technician. We use licensed contractors from our nationwide network of trusted technicians. This qualified group is regularly evaluated by AHS home warranty members to make sure they're meeting our standards. You and your home deserve the best of the best, and you’re getting it with American Home Shield. 

To save time. Being a member means you don’t have to spend valuable time searching for the right contractor and making calls to schedule an appointment. American Home Shield will assign a qualified contractor and take care of every detail so you can get back to daily life as quickly as possible. 

Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance.  What is the Difference?

Fun fact: You’re 28 times more likely to use home warranty services than your home insurance. Why? Because a home warranty protects against things that will happen—like your A/C breaking or your refrigerator’s water filter not working properly—while homeowners insurance protects against things that might happen—like fires, theft, or natural disasters.  

Think of a house warranty as a cost-effective plan to keep your systems and appliances working like they should. 


Homeowners Insurance
covers things that might happen.
Home Warranty
covers things that will happen.
Theft HVAC stops running
Fire damage Water leaks
Storm damage Dishwasher stops running
Floods Toilet overflows

Learn more about a Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Fees explained.

We believe transparency is key, so we make sure every penny you pay is fully explained. Here are some of the fees that will be included in your American Home Shield warranty  

Trade Service Call Fee. You'll pay a Trade Service Call Fee for each trade professional (plumber, electrician, etc.) who comes to your home to provide service. You get to choose the amount (either $75, $100, or $125, plus sales tax where applicable) when you purchase your home warranty service plan.  

Depending on your plan, some coverage limits or exclusions may apply. For full coverage details, view our sample contract. 

Plan Payments. American Home Shield offers several home warranty plans, which vary in cost and coverage. Compare home warranty plans to determine which plan is best for your household and your wallet.  

Maintenance programs

For a limited time, American Home Shield offers members a Pre-Season Heating System Tune-Up for just $75. Let this low price motivate you. Schedule a furnace service appointment early in the season, before freezing temperatures hit and HVAC repair professionals are swamped with furnace service requests.  

Get your furnace checked out and save yourself the inconvenience and discomfort of dealing with a furnace breakdown in the middle of a cold spell.   

Get your furnace cleaned and serviced ealy in the season, before cold temperatures set in and your local HVAC professionals are swamped with furance service requests.  Getting your furnace checked out can nip potential problems in the bud and save you the inconvenience and discomfort of dealing with a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter.  For a limited time, American Home Shield (R) offers its customers a Pre-Season Heating System Tune-Up for just $75.

What is a real estate home warranty? 

An American Home Shield® Real Estate Home Warranty is a one-year service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of many major home system components and appliances. It is available to sellers (limited listing coverage) and buyers typically via their real estate brokers in the context of a real estate transaction only. 

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, ask your real estate agent about our home buyers warranty, which gives you more confidence on move-in day and beyond. 

Home Warranty Resources

Understand the benefits and reasons for a home warranty by following along our resources and guides below. Owning home means inevitable appliance and home system breakdowns but that doesn’t mean you need to feel anxiety about it. Let’s AHS take care of the costs associated with homeownership and simplify the process.

Learn about Home Warranties

Tips for Homeowners


We make the home warranty service request process streamlined and simple. When one of your covered home systems or appliances breaks down, request service by phone or online, and we’ll send a trusted contractor to diagnose the issue and repair or replace the covered appliance or system. It’s as easy as that.

When a covered item breaks down, request service online at MyAccount or call 888.682.1043. Here’s what will happen next when you place a home warranty service request:

  1. Pay your Trade Service Call Fee
  2. Your contractor will contact you to schedule an appointment
  3. Your contractor will come to your home and diagnose the problem.
  4. Based on the contractor's diagnosis, we’ll determine whether your problem is covered by your homeowners warranty. If it is covered, the contractor will repair or replace the appliance or system.
  5. You'll get a follow-up email to make sure the problem was resolved to your satisfaction.

A home warranty is a one-year, renewable service agreement that helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing home appliances and systems, such as a fridge, plumbing, or your water heater. An AHS home warranty works as a complement to your homeowners insurance, covering elements that that insurance won’t. When your hardworking appliances and systems break down, a home warranty will get them up and running in no time.

Our flexible American Home Shield warranty plans cover components of up to 23 of the essential systems and appliances in your home, from your A/C to your refrigerator to your water heater. Home warranty optional add-ons cover items such as your home's pool and spa, roof leaks, or electronics. View a sample contract for a complete list of what our plans can cover.

Yes! We strongly believe a home warranty is worth it. When a covered item like your A/C or refrigerator inevitably breaks down, a house warranty takes the worry off your shoulders and protects your budget. Without a home warranty, the typical cost to repair or replace your A/C can cost up to $3,800*. Learn more from our blog article, Is a Home Warranty Worth It? and home warranty guide, Our Home Service Plans Explained.

American Home Shield is the leading home warranty company in the USA, with more than 2 million members and coverage in 49 states. We are recognized by the industry as the leading home warranty company and the one with the most comprehensive home warranty plans. In fact, we founded the home warranty industry back in 1971 to help home buyers and homeowners spend less time and money on those inescapable breakdowns.

Here are a few of our awards, if we may humble brag for a moment:

  1. 1. Top Rated company at the Home Warranty Awards
  2. 2. America's most recommended home warranty company by Women's Choice Awards
  3. 3. Best overall home warranty provider by Consumer Affairs.
  4. 4. Best Home Warranty Company by This Old House.
  5. 5. Best Home Warranty Coverage Options by Investopedia.
  6. 6. Best Home Warranty Plan Selection by The balance.
  7. 7. Best Home Warranty Customization by Rocket Mortgage.
  8. 8. Best Customizable Home Warranty Plans by Reviews.com.

Your home warranty plan is the specific coverage you select for your unique household and budget needs. Our comprehensive home warranty service plans cover home appliances, electrical, plumbing, heating, and A/C systems. We also offer additional coverage for pools and spas, roof leaks, and more. American Home Shield is continually recognized as the home warranty company with the best home warranty plans. We offer options for every household’s needs and budget —so you’re in good hands.

How much a home warranty is depends on the type of plan you choose. American Home Shield is one of the best home warranty companies because we because we offer three different coverage options for you to choose from based on your needs and budget. Take a look at the low prices of our home warranty plans and select which one works best for your family.

No, a home warranty and a home protection plan are not the same. Here’s how they differ. Home warranties are comprehensive policies that offer appliances and home systems warranty coverage, guaranteeing their repair or replacement when covered items break down or malfunction. Home protection plans focus on individual systems of a house and are similar to our coverage add-ons, such as our roof leak repair or pool and spa warranty.

Simply put, home warranties offer more thorough coverage than individual home protection plans. They are typically a better fit for families looking to have more protection with a broader coverage plan.

An AHS home warranty lasts for one year. When the 12 months are up, renew your contract easily by logging into MyAccount or giving us a call at 888.683.8576.

Absolutely. Purchase a home warranty at any time to start covering your home systems and appliances.

If you’re a renter, you should consider getting an American Home Shield home appliance warranty to cover any personally owned appliances, like a washer and dryer. Renters insurance typically does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear.

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