7 Fresh Home Design Trends For 2017

Fresh modern colors and creative twists on vintage décor and green/natural solutions are among the trends.

Interior design trends

Influenced by contemporary architecture, fashion, new technology and the entertainment and media industries, home design trends for 2017 are an innovative mix of past and present. You’ll find fresh modern colors, creative twists on vintage décor and green/natural solutions among other trends. Take a look at some of them below and get inventive with your home design this New Year.

1. Vintage style

Items with historical value and classic style are a big part of the design trend for 2017. Features like exposed brick walls and salvaged wood posts tell a story, and mixing vintage with modern artwork and other furnishings and décor offers a unique and original aesthetic that adds meaning to your living space.

2. Color palette

Color combinations of bright yellow, gold, light and dark brown, beige, blue pastels, soft orange, peach and pinkish-orange color hues are the trend. Dark green is now replacing navy and midnight blues as a rich accent color for feature walls or furnishings. This interesting mix of natural and sophisticated tones adds warmth and depth to a room.

3. Patterns

Nature inspired designs, classic patterns and ethnic ornaments can be seen in wallpaper, furnishings and other décor that adds interest to a room. The idea is to create a friendly and soft atmosphere without being too feminine. Handmade embroidery, knitting and crochet designs add tactility, which is a popular part of this trend.

4. Terracotta

Warm materials like terracotta tiles are making a comeback and replacing the cool and white tones that have been so popular in recent years. In the past they were used as borders, but now they are being used as feature walls or around fireplaces. Avoid looking too rustic by choosing a tile with a natural matte finish.

5. Eco style

Sustainability, upcycling and organic design ideas are also common. Combining aged wood, salvaged wood and metal, natural home fabrics and recycled items with modern colors creates a fresh interior design style. It’s about creating new things out of old and adding inspiration to nature.

6. Innovations

New technologies are also influencing design trends this coming year. With smart technology and eco-friendly techniques, we can personalize modern interiors while merging art and design to create unique, functional and intimate spaces.

7. Escapism

With more and more time being spent in front of a computer or smartphone screen, people are looking for places to retreat from all the digital distraction. Homes with nooks and quiet spaces will become more desirable as well as relaxed furniture, like deep sofas with linen slipcovers, oversized love seats and day beds.

Staying on top of home design trends is a smart way to be relevant to your clients and know what they want. In addition to great design, you want things to function well too. With American Home Shield® Real Estate Home Warranties, you can help keep things running and streamline your transactions.


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