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contractor working with electrical wires
contractor working with electrical wires

What to Expect from American Home Shield® HVAC Warranty Coverage

If you have an American Home Shield® home warranty and you are experiencing issues with your HVAC system, you may be wondering what to expect from your coverage.

Here are some common questions: 

  • What happens when you submit a claim under your HVAC warranty? 
  • How much will the service call cost? 
  • What portion of the repairs to your system is covered? 
  • What does a home warranty cover in terms of HVAC repair or replacement? 

It’s normal to have questions about your home warranty HVAC coverage. We’ll help you learn more about what to expect from your plan’s coverage and what your options are when you submit a service request.

What Does My HVAC Home Warranty Coverage Include?

You’ll get an American Home Shield® air conditioner warranty and a heating warranty with all three of our plans that cover the major parts of those systems. Once you submit a service request and pay your Trade Service Call Fee (TSCF), we will send a technician to your home promptly to diagnose your HVAC issue.

The amount of your TSCF depends on what you selected during the home warranty purchase process. We give you the option to choose your TSCF, giving you the freedom to decide whether you’d rather pay less monthly for the plan or less for service requests. If you ever forget the amount of your TSCF, you can simply refer to your service contract via MyAccount or call to speak with an AHS representative. 

Here is what American Home Shield® HVAC coverage includes for air conditioning:

  • Wall air conditioners
  • Geothermal*
  • Ducted electrical split and package units* 
  • Mini-splits
  • The cost to reclaim and remove A/C refrigerant
  • Issues caused by mismatched units
  • $10/pound per occurrence for refrigerant

The following heating unit parts are covered:

  • Room and wall-mounted heaters 
  • Forced air 
  • Geothermal
  • Package units 
  • Floor furnaces
  • Cable heat (if it is your home’s main source of heat)
  • Steam or hot water circulating heat* 
  • Heat pumps*
  • Electric baseboard

Thinking about coverage?

Sounds like a plan. Find the warranty that fits you best.

Do I Need Maintenance Records? 

Unlike HVAC warranties from some other home warranty providers, we don’t require homeowners to provide maintenance records to qualify for repair or an American Home Shield® HVAC replacement of a covered item. Though we do recommend conducting an HVAC inspection if you have just moved into a new house, we’ll cover your system no matter its age.

What If My HVAC Isn’t Repairable? 

The contractor will do their best to help resolve the issue. However, if they determine that your covered item can't be repaired, your plan includes an AHS® HVAC replacement with a similar model (up to your plan’s coverage limits and subject to the limitations and exclusions of your contract). 

Can I Get an HVAC Coverage Boost? 

Yes! Routine maintenance can save you the headache of having your HVAC malfunction, so we created a plan that does the hard work for you. 

The ShieldPlatinum™ plan offers perks like 

  • Unlimited refrigerant 
  • No systems limit
  • $6,000 per appliance (double the appliance limits of our other plans)
  • $1,500 Roof Leak Repair limit
  • One free AHS® HVAC tune-up (or A/C or heater tune-up if you have separate systems) per contract term** 
  • $1,000 coverage for code violations, permits, and modifications

Getting an HVAC tune-up is important, as is changing your air filters a couple of times per year. 

It’s time to take advantage of your American Home Shield® HVAC coverage. Check out our home warranty costs and plans, and find out exactly what’s covered under your warranty

*AHS will pay up to $1,500 per contract term for access, diagnosis and repair or replacement of any geothermal and/or water source heat pumps, glycol, hot water, or steam circulating system. If the Air Conditioning and Heating ductwork is accessible only through a concrete floor, wall or ceiling, AHS will pay up to $1,000 per contract term for access, diagnosis, repair or replacement of such ductwork, including returning access openings to a rough finish.

**Not available in Hawaii


AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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