5 Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas for Every Homeowner

Looking for some outdoor home improvement ideas? With a little effort and imagination, you can complete each of these five outdoor home improvement projects in as little as one weekend.

Power washing deck

Sprucing up your home’s exterior and yard is likely top of mind right now, since the weather’s finally starting to warm up. But don’t let it be a daunting task. With a little effort and imagination, you can complete each of these five outdoor home improvement projects in as little as one weekend. Just in time for your first backyard barbecue or outdoor party!

1. Spruce up your windows with new shutters and flower boxes.

When it comes to outdoor home improvement ideas, you can’t go wrong with a window facelift. Are your shutters outdated and in disrepair? Windows looking a little bare overall? Easily amp up your home’s curb appeal by hanging new shutters and adding window boxes.

2. Show off your green thumb with raised garden beds.

Want to start a vegetable garden but don’t know your ground composition? Love the idea of a flower bed but not interested in preparing the existing soil? No worries. Simply build an above-ground garden box and mix your own high-quality dirt, conditioner and fertilizer. That way, you can spend your time focusing on what’s more important: watching your garden grow.

3. Get a fresh start with some simple pressure washing.

Are you starting to notice all the springtime greenery popping up everywhere? Green leaves, green grass … and green algae on your home’s siding and driveway? Fortunately, with the help of a pressure washer (also called a “power washer”), you can easily remove the unsightly grime that’s ruining what would otherwise be a picturesque sight. Simply buy or rent one from your nearest home-improvement store, work from the top down and avoid pointing the hose at a 90-degree angle (to prevent damage). The best part? You can pressure wash all sorts of things, from your siding to your sidewalk, deck to outdoor décor. Bonus tip: If your gutters are especially dirty and clogged from the fall and winter, a good gutter cleaning with a pressure washer may be your best recourse.

4. Do some detective work to ensure your home is properly sealed.

It’s almost that time: time to crank up the A/C. And when that time comes, you want your air conditioner to run as efficiently as possible, right? That means, in addition to performing your regular A/C maintenance, you need to assess the seals on all of your windows and doors, to ensure that cool air doesn’t escape through the cracks (and spring rain water doesn’t come in, for that matter). What are you waiting for? Grab that caulk and weather stripping and get to sealing — and inevitably saving some serious dough on your utility bill!

5. Get your shrubbery in tip-top (and trimmed) shape.

Your trees and shrubs don’t have to be overgrown or full of dead branches to benefit from a good trimming. In fact, a good pruning is like a good haircut; it promotes healthy growth. By following our top tips for trimming, you’ll be on your way to “Yard of the Month” in no time.

Now that the outdoors are covered, ready to move to the inside of your house? Check out other whole-home DIY projects that are sure to give you that “fresh start” feeling!

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