8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Your bathroom should be a place for relaxation, primping and a little luxury. Gather inspiration for the bathroom remodel of your dreams right here.

Minimalistic Bathroom Remodel - Bathtub Faces Window

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space—it should be a place for relaxation, primping and a little luxury. Need some help making your bathroom feel like a small getaway? With a little inspiration, you'll find that it's easy to make bathroom upgrades that are smart, stylish and soothing. Whether it's a full bathroom remodel or carefully chosen updates with a big impact, make the most of this highly personal space with these bathroom remodel ideas.

1. Tile Floors

This is a trend that works in bathrooms big and small with virtually endless possibilities. From bold and bright to black and white, tile floors are an easy-to-clean upgrade that make a statement. In smaller spaces, playing with patterns or colors on the floors is a great substitute for an accent wall. In larger spaces, a tiled floor can make a room feel open and elegant.

2. Natural Elements

His and hers bathroom

Incorporate natural elements for a serene, calm feel. Natural stone or wood is a great option for vanities, while marble floors are another easy-to-maintain alternative if tile isn't your style. Adding a little plant life also offers a sense of calm to an often-cold room without having to put too much effort into a permanent remodel.

3. Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtub

Design trends are moving away from the typical shower/bath duo in favor of free-standing soaking tubs. With endless styles (basins, claw footed, etc.), you're bound to find something that fits into your aesthetic.

4. Water Control

In the age of iPhones and the boundless progress of technology, why should the bathroom be left out? Thermostatic mixers that control water from multiple sources allow for two showers at the same time with individualized temperatures ( for those busy household's). So stop fiddling with the faucet and step into a touch-screen operated shower that gets your ideal temperature right every time.

5. Toilet Technology

If you're looking to update bathroom comfort, you should definitely pay attention to the new, high-tech models of toilets on the market today. From toilet seats that keep your seat warm to systems that clean themselves (and you), there's no lack of inventiveness when it comes to making your time in the bathroom as stress-free as possible. Of course, water conservation should be a top priority and most options on the market easily handle that with no-flow, low-flow and dual-flush technologies.

6. Entertainment

Bathroom with glass shower

What is more luxurious than an entertainment system in your bathroom? It may not be a system on par with what you'd find in your living room, but small creature comforts can take your bathroom to the next level. While hanging any giant flatscreen in your shower is pretty impractical, there are quite a few waterproof TVs that are perfect for any bathroom. You can choose from custom fit options that are installed in your shower wall, or you can mount a more simple waterproof TV in a convenient location to allow easy viewing. It all depends on the particular design of your bathroom and how far you're willing to go.

Installing a speaker system is another fine touch that will allow you to enjoy your TV or favorite music over the loud sound of your shower.

7. Warm Touches

Never be forced to step out of a perfectly warm shower onto the frigid tile of your bathroom again. Radiant floor heating provides comfort for your feet in the colder months. It's relatively easy to install when undertaking a DIY bathroom remodel, and it can be a very valuable and affordable investment.

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8. Shades Of Gray

Debating about what color you'll paint your new space? There's a gray out there for you—or at least that's what designers predict for 2015. This ultra-versatile shade ranges from dark and moody to light and airy and every note in between. Whether you're going for sleek and modern or sustainable and stylish, choosing a calm and relatively neutral shade helps your space feel sophisticated.

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Consider the aesthetic throughout your entire home, and consider echoing motifs in your bathing space to keep the room from feeling cold and sterile. Feeling inspired with these bathroom makeover ideas? With a little thought devoted to practicality and design, the bathroom may just become your new favorite room.


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