Learning to DIY: Bathroom Makeovers on a Tight Budget

Learn how these inexpensive DIY bathroom makeover ideas allow you to redo your bathroom on a tight budget - no contractor necessary!  

Minimalist bathroom with large mirror

Tired of looking at your 1990s-themed bathroom but don’t have the money for the bathroom of your dreams? Find a happy medium with these tips that will give the room a new look without breaking the bank. The best part? You can do these inexpensive DIY bathroom makeovers on a tight budget all by yourself — no contractor necessary!

1. Switch out the fixtures.

You’ve been staring at that Hollywood-style vanity light for too long. If you want to see an immediate difference in your bathroom aesthetics, switch it out with a current-style light fixture. Replacing a light fixture isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem (assuming the power is turned off at the breaker box before you get started, of course). Want to really make an impact? Replace your water faucets and shower head, too!

Bonus Tip: To save even more money, consider that “new to you” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “brand new.” You may actually be surprised at the deals you can find on used but like-new fixtures in online resale groups.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint — even in places you may not have thought about.

Sure, painting the walls and vanity is one of the top budget-friendly bathroom updates around. But have you thought about other surfaces in the room that could benefit from a fresh coat (or two), as well? If yours is like most outdated bathrooms, chances are, you have a colored cultured marble tub and countertop. If they are in good shape, though, why waste your money on replacements? Instead, consider refinishing your bathroom surfaces with an affordable DIY kit that’s available in most home improvement stores. Likewise, grab a can of metallic spray paint and simply paint your knobs and other hardware to get a clean, updated and cost-friendly look. And did we mention tile? Yes, you can actually paint tile!

3. Frame out your builder-grade mirror.

You don’t have to install an expensive beveled or tilted vanity mirror to get an updated look above your sink. Attach a frame to your existing builder-grade mirror — even one with brackets — and you and your guests will be just as impressed!

4. Use cost-effective materials that look just like the real thing.

When it comes to bathroom updates on a budget, it doesn’t get much better than being able to fool your guests into thinking you spent thousands when you only spent hundreds. The best places to do that? Tiles and flooring. Say, for example, you want the look of marble without the price of marble. Check out the affordable look-alike ceramic tile options available at most home improvement retailers. The same goes for floor planks, as well. Love the hardwood look but don’t want the expense and hassle of installing it in your bathroom? Consider installing luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) instead. You get the look of hardwood, and you get the water-proof, stain-proof and easy-to-clean qualities that you want in a bathroom flooring. As a bonus, there are even peel-and-stick options, making it a true DIY winner!

Now that your bathroom’s covered, ready to move to the next room? Check out other whole-home DIY projects that are sure to make an impact without blowing your budget.

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