6 Handy Back-to-School Apps

We know you have your wide-ruled notebooks and Sharpie sets ready for the new school year, but do your family have all its apps in a row? Check out these back-to-school apps to maximize productivity and have a little high-tech fun along the way.
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1. iStudiez Pro ($2.99)
Whether you’re a student or the parent of one, iStudiez Pro is a great tool to help you manage your busy schedule. With daily, weekly, and monthly schedule overviews, as well as built-in reminder notifications for important events, you’ll never miss another deadline. iStudiez’ grade tracker also compiles all the grades you receive to calculate your projected GPA. You can even integrate iStudiez with your iCal to keep all your appointments and assignments in the same place. Check it out.

2. Dropbox (Free)
Ever need a document from your computer when you only have your phone with you? Save files to Dropbox and you can access them regardless of which device you’re on. Dropbox gives you 2GB of free storage—enough to hold lots of assignments. Pro tip: divide your Dropbox by subject to maximize organization! Check it out.

3. Evernote Peek (Free)
Study a lot with flashcards? If you have an iPad with a SmartCover, this is the flashcard app for you. After you’ve designed your flashcard set and are ready to study, life the corner of the cover slightly to see the question. When you’re ready with the answer, lift the corner a little more to see if you’re right! Genius. Check it out.

4. WolframAlpha ($2.99)
If you’re on the hunt frequently for reference information, WolframAlpha is a godsend. It’s not like any old search engine, either—WolframAlpha actually “computes” a single answer for you using curated data. This makes it perfect for checking your (or your kids’) work on difficult mathematical problems. Check it out.

5. Talking ABC ($2.99)
Talking ABC provides a fun, interactive way for preschoolers to practice their letter recognition. It features 26 talking Claymation animals—one for each letter, of course (think J for Jaguar, B for Bear). If you want your child to get a head-start on the alphabet or simply have a fun, educational game to play in the car, Talking ABC is a great kids’ app option. Added bonus: all social sharing capabilities are disabled on the app, so you won’t have to worry about your preschooler accidentally posting to Facebook. Check it out.

6. Keynote ($9.99)
This one’s a little on the pricier side, but if you make a lot of academic presentations (or professional ones, for that matter), then this is the app for you. Keynote lets you design and create highly visual, eye-catching presentations with ease—its collection of templates, repository of interactive charts, and user-friendliness put its competitors to shame. Check it out.

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