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Tech Articles

Stay up-to-date with the latest in home appliance innovations. Learn the best in home automation, advanced home security systems and smartphone enabled appliances that do more for you so you can do less.

Why You Should Have a TV Warranty

Your TV is the center of your home's entertainment. Learn why you should have it covered with a warranty. Asurion offers coverage through AHS for TVs.

Are Your Holiday Electronics Covered?

You or your loved ones spent a lot of time and money to get you those awesome electronic gifts for the holidays. Make sure they're covered year round and learn more about our electronics add-on policy. 

The Best Robot Cleaning Vacuums

It's 2020 now and people are starting to turn to robot vacuums to keep their floors clean. If you're looking into buying one, check out this list to see which one will be best for you.

Smart Devices That May Help Lower Your Energy Bill

Looking for ways to lower your energy bill? Check out these smart devices and how they can help keep your power bill low. Learn more now!

Advantages of Installing USB Electrical Outlets in Your Home

Do you have a USB so I can charge my phone? It’s a common question asked by house guests. Learn why you should install USB outlets in your home.

Should You Get a Laptop Warranty?

You depend on your laptop for a lot, both work-related and home needs. You want to make sure your machine is covered in the event of damage or breakdown.

Everyone Wins With a Home Warranty

When buying or selling a home, a home warranty is usually always discussed in the closing deal. Learn how all parties win when a home warranty is purchased!

5 Advantages of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Summer is the time of year when it helps to control your HVAC system. Installing a smart thermostat can help you stay cool, without the expensive utility bill. Learn more.

Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming more popular. But is the right time for you to switch your home over to solar? We weigh in some reasons you might want to consider going solar.

Upgrade Your Fireplace with these High Tech Features

Fireplaces add character to a living room and warmth during the cold of winter. Besides old-fashioned logs, learn what new, modern technology is available.

The AHS Top 10: Best “Smart Home” Voice-Control Devices

Can't do everything at the same time? With these new voice control devices, now you can! AHS lists the coolest in home automation so now you can multitask with ease.

5 Money-Saving Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Need gadgets to simplify life? Then this list is for you! Tools to extend the freshness of produce, lights that turn off when you leave the room. Yes, these exist!

The AHS Top 10: Best Home Security Apps

Gearing up for a summer vacation but wishing there was a way to keep tabs on your house while you’re away? You’re in luck! Here’s our list (in no particular order) of the best home security apps available.

The AHS Top 10: Best Home Renovation Apps

Here’s our list (in no particular order) of the best home renovation apps.

Getting Your Ducts in a Row: Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

American Home Shield explains what is air duct cleaning and if it's necessary. Learn how to keep your air clean and when you should clean your ductwork.

7 Household Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

Everyone likes getting the latest gadget! Here are some great low-tech and high-tech gift ideas that everyone will love.

Security Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether you plan to shop online or in-person at a store, follow these quick tips to help protect your personal information and make shopping safer this season.

Tech Gadgets To Transform Your Bathroom Into A High-End Oasis

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with smart technology. Check out our list of tech gadgets to give you a relaxing, luxurious experience.

4 Best Apps and Services to Save Money on Appliances

If you're in the market for a new home appliance, use these apps to shop around and find the best deal possible.

The Good, Bad and Ugly: Induction Cooking and Stovetops

Want to know the pros and cons of using induction stove-tops and grills? See if this savvy kitchen addition is right for you.

Smart Technology: The Clever Angle In The Luxury Market

Today, everything from locks to light bulbs to home entertainment can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. And it looks like this technology is not only here to stay, its becoming more popular as more devices from smart-home innovators.

Keep A Smart Watch On Your Home: New Security Gadgets Of 2016

The newest in security gadgets and gizmos is here from smart security cameras, sensors, locks and more.

9 Best Home Automation Devices of 2016

Home automation allows you to easily access and control all of the devices in your home with the gesture of a hand. Discover the best in home automation.

All You Need to Know About Ventless Fireplaces

Not sure what kind of fireplace you want for your home? The Home Matters experts answer the questions you have about ventless fire places and their home solutions.

From Artificial Skin to Drones: The Best of Technology in 2015

2015 was a big year for technological advancements and futuristic breakthroughs. Here are just some of the ways technology changed our lives in 2015.

Alternatives to the Traditional Lock and Key Frontdoor

Heading out for a run and no pockets for keys? Need to let a repairman into your house but you’re not there to open the door? Now there are easy solutions to all of these situations with alternative products to a traditional key and lock door.

Smith's Smart Home Part II: Sprinkler Controller Installation

In part 2 of this home automation series, SVM CIO Jamie Smith shows us how he upgraded his sprinkler system in just a few easy steps.

Smith’s Smart Home Part I: Installing a WiFi Thermostat

SVM CIO Jamie Smith isn’t afraid to tackle DIY installation projects at home. In Smith’s Smart Home, Jamie will be sharing some of his recent efforts to make his home as smart as possible.

5 Must-Have American Inventions For Your Home

We’re celebrating American originality at its best by featuring our favorite American-made innovations and the people responsible for making them a reality.

Steps to Install A Learning Thermostat and Save on Energy

Learn more about one of the newest trending technologies and how it can save you money.

Use These Smartphone Apps to Maintain Your Pool

You can do anything with your phone these days, including run your pool. Learn the best apps to help you worry less while soaking up the fun in your backyard more.

High-Tech Innovations to Make Your Pool Safer

Modern technology doesn't stop at fancy new smart watches or thermostats. There are lots of really cool, innovative technologies available to help keep you and your family safe in your backyard pool.

Futuristic New Ways to Cool Your Home

We're always amazed at the new products being released every year that make our lives better. New air conditioner technology is one example of how cool (literally) the future will be.

What’s Hot in Ovens Today?

If it’s been a while since you’ve purchased an oven, you may not be aware of your options. Some newer models promise better results with combo-technology, speedier cooking—even easier cleaning. But are they worth the price?

High-Tech Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Life Easier

Efficient appliances can definitely make your life easier, especially in the kitchen. Take a peek at some of the newest innovations to help make your time in the kitchen count.

Do You Need to Switch to SWASH? (Mark Zuckerberg’s Sis Says You Do)

Get the dirt on Whirpool's lastest in-home dry cleaning system which made an impressive appearance at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

The Top 5 Gadgets for Home Entertainment

Home entertainment technology is constantly changing with updates, upgrades and new equipment. So whether you’re shopping for a holiday gift, or simply gifting yourself, the latest and greatest in home theatre gadgets is always available.

The Ultimate High-and-Low-Tech Gift Guide for Homeowners

Looking for the hottest gift ideas for your tech-lover this Christmas? Look no further. Our gift list will tantalize even the pickiest homeowner with the latest and greatest tech toys for the home.

Save Money With a Learning Thermostat

If you aren’t programming your home’s thermostat you could be wasting almost $200 a year. Fix that today with a learning thermostat.

Choose Your Paint with These Fancy Apps

Picking paint at the store can be overwhelming, and sometimes you’re less inspired by a paint chip and more inspired by photos, jewelry or Mother Nature. Now your phone can give you the tools you need to preview colors where and when the mood strikes.

Top 3 iOS 8 Features for Homeowners

We’re all looking for faster, better ways to manage our households, and if you’ve already snagged a new iPhone 6 or installed iOS 8, that just got a whole lot easier. Here are three new iPhone 6 features that will make any homeowner's life a breeze.

6 Handy Back-to-School Apps

We know you have your wide-ruled notebooks and Sharpie sets ready for the new school year, but do your family have all its apps in a row? Check out these back-to-school apps to maximize productivity and have a little high-tech fun along the way.

The Latest in Pool Technology

Spend more time relaxing in the clear, cool water of your pool and less time making trips to the pool store for new equipment. Here are some of the latest trends in pool technology to help you keep your backyard oasis maintained and running efficiently.

6 Mobile Apps For Today’s Home Owners

Home automation has been around for years but used to require expensive installations and complicated remote controls. With the latest apps, you can now control your home’s lighting, temperature, security systems from your smartphone or tablet.

Going Paperless: Out with the Old, In with the New

Going paperless saves time, money, the environment and the frustration of scouring mounds of paper to find what you need. If you’re ready to kick the paper habit, today’s technology makes it easier to clear the clutter and become more efficient.