Toilet Repair: How to Fix Common Toilet Problems

Toilet clogged? Is it leaking or making noises and you don't know why? Maybe it just won't flush. AHS can help you solve these, and more, common issues with your toilet.

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Quick – what’s the best invention since the beginning of time? We agree … it’s the toilet. Can you imagine your neighbors, coworkers and the people on the crowded busy streets all visiting the outhouse? Or worse yet, the shade tree? Nope. You just can’t appreciate enough the convenience of having your own bathroom, right in your own home. That is, until you push the lever and nothing happens. Or things happen that could cause you to have nightmares. Fortunately, most homeowners can handle basic toilet repair. So before you run from the house screaming in terror, know that identifying toilet issues isn’t all you’re capable of — you can certainly learn how to fix a toilet, too.

In this article, we have listed the most common toilet woes. Select the issue you are having to find out what you need to know to resolve the problem.

Clogged Toilet

Here’s what to do when (ahem) “things” just won’t go away and the water threatens to overflow on the floor.

Noisy Toilet

You hear it all night long. It comes on, it goes off. On, then off. It could need some adjustment, or parts might need to be replaced.

Leaking Toilet

If you notice water on the floor around the toilet, you need to investigate and take action. It could be a nut that needs tightening, condensation on the tank or worse.

Toilet Won't Stop Running

If the water in your toilet won’t stop running, you have a problem that is wasting a lot of water — and money.

Toilet Won’t Flush

If you press the lever and nothing happens, take the top of the tank off and check to make sure the chain is installed correctly from the lever to the flapper.

Too Much Water in the Toilet

If the water level in your toilet bowl is too high, there could be a clog or the level may need adjusting.

If fixing the plumbing is something that seems like a nightmare to you, you can send that worry on its way with a home warranty. In fact, an American Home Shield® Home Warranty with plumbing covers many of the major parts and components of your home plumbing system — including accessing sewer lines in walls and under floors. You’ve already invested in a home. Now it’s time to protect that investment. Be sure with the shield.®


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