What are the American Home Shield® Shield Assurances?

A broken-down appliance or a malfunctioning home system can put a wrench in your day. Maybe your heating system is not generating heat, or your dishwasher decided to stop draining. You start to wonder, “Will my home warranty cover pre-existing conditions?” and “What if I don’t have any maintenance records?” When your appliance or home system encounters an issue, your home warranty plan should ensure the issue is diagnosed and the covered item is repaired or replaced by a qualified service professional. A home warranty plan will help protect your budget and keep your home running smoothly. 


American Home Shield® offers home warranty plans that cover parts of up to 23 appliances and systems, and if we can’t repair your covered item, we’ll replace it. All American Home Shield members enjoy our 8 Shield Assurances, which cover:

  • Older items, no matter their age

  • Undetectable pre-existing conditions

  • Items without maintenance records

  • Breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance

  • Improper installations, repairs, or modifications

  • Malfunction due to sediment, rust, or corrosion

  • Removal of old, defective appliances

  • Duplicates of the same item, like that extra fridge in the garage

American Home Shield is in the peace-of-mind business, and we have been helping homeowners protect their budgets for more than 50 years. Our members get premium coverage, no matter which plan they select for their home and budget.

What pre-existing conditions will be covered by my home warranty?

American Home Shield covers pre-existing conditions that are undetectable under the following circumstances:

  • The appliance or system in question failed due to a flaw that couldn’t be found during a visual inspection. A visual inspection verifies that the appliance or system is structurally intact and has no missing parts that would indicate inoperability.

  • A mechanical test, such as turning the home system or appliance on and off, does not cause damage, smoke, or irregular sounds. 

Will a home warranty cover old and defective appliances?

Yes, American Home Shield® home warranty plans take care of repairs and replacements for covered home systems and appliances, even if you don’t have maintenance records. 

We understand that breakdowns are inevitable, no matter how often you maintain your appliances and home systems. Don’t sweat it when a breakdown occurs; you’ll be prepared with American Home Shield. Learn more about what a home warranty is and how it works.

Does a home warranty cover malfunctioning appliances and home systems?

American Home Shield covers appliances and systems that malfunction due to everyday wear and tear, as well as rust, sediment, and corrosion. We also cover improper installations, repairs, and modifications.

Do I get Shield Assurances with every home warranty plan?

Yes! Our Shield Assurances are always included, no matter which of our three base plans you select. 

The ShieldSilver™ plan covers parts of up to 14 major home systems. The ShieldGold™ plan includes the covered systems in the ShieldSilver™ plan, plus nine laundry and kitchen appliances protection. The ShieldPlatinum™ plan covers just about everything: parts of up to 23 home systems and appliances, double the appliance limit ($4,000), roof leak repair, one free HVAC tune-up per contract term, and unlimited A/C refrigerant.

Does a home warranty include old appliance removal and pick-up?Yes, American Home Shield home warranties cover old appliance pick-up. 

For example, if you are renovating a historic home, and some of its covered, old appliances break down from age and inevitable wear and tear, you can submit a service request. If we can’t repair your appliance, we’ll help you replace it with a similar model and get rid of the old appliance in the process. If you decide to take the cash value of the replacement and want to upgrade your appliance, you can take advantage of our appliance discount program.

What conditions are not covered by a home warranty?

While damage from normal wear and tear is covered, damage due to children, pets, or pests isn’t. A home warranty also doesn’t cover secondary damage to your home that can happen because of system or appliance failure, such as water damage due to flooding.

Does American Home Shield have a waiting period?

Whether you are purchasing a home warranty after closing on a new house or need a home warranty plan for your long-time home, coverage only includes problems that occur after the plan period begins. 

Your Home is Covered With Our Shield Assurances
With American Home Shield, your budget can survive even the most inconvenient covered appliance or system breakdown. Enjoy our 8 Shield Assurances, from old appliance pick-up to coverage for undetectable pre-existing conditions or improper installations. Compare plans & costs today to choose the right plan for your household.

AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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