Spook-tacular Crafts for Your Little Monsters

Halloween is fun for kids and kids at heart! Get in the spirit by making these simple and spooktacular crafts that will help you bond with and delight your kids.

Decorative pumpkins for halloween

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls, oh my! No, it isn’t a nightmare — it’s Halloween! Each October, everyone’s favorite creepy holiday rolls around. Whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, working on fun family crafts is an essential part of any holiday. Here are some simple Halloween-themed projects easy and enjoyable enough for any kid to complete!

Decorative Cookies

Since one of the major benefits of Halloween is extra sugar consumption, why not throw a cookie party? You can purchase the pre-made cookie dough of your choice, or if you're feeling extra ambitious, you can whip up some from scratch. 

Once you're ready, roll the dough out flat and help your child use a cookie cutter to fashion fun seasonal shapes: bats, cats, pumpkins, ghosts and more. Bake your cookies (carefully!) and then, after allowing them to cool, let your child's decorative impulses take over. Try experimenting with different frostings, sprinkles, candies and gel pastes to make some treats that are so delicious, they're downright spooky. 

Googly-Eyed Bats

If you’d like to add some more Halloween décor to your crafting repertoire, try this simple project from the blog iheartcraftythings.com. Use black cardboard, googly eyes and a few other household items to help your little one make some seriously strange bats. They'll bring just the right amount of "Boo!" to your evening, plus they'll look great dangling from your walls. Get step-by-step directions here. 

Haunted Lollipops

Looking for ideas for a Halloween craft that's both simple and sweet? Look no further. Purchase a bag of your favorite lollipops, and then add a little more character. Grab some white tissue paper and a few pipe cleaners. Help your child wrap each lollipop to look like a ghost. (Besides, if you end up overdoing it, you can always call it a mummy.) The real fun comes with the expressive face your child draws on each one. Whether you let your ghosts fly away with the trick-or-treaters or let them continue to hover around your home is up to you — no judgment. 

Carve-Free Jack-O'-Lanterns

Pumpkins are the unofficial mascot of Halloween. The great news is no knives or sharp scrapers are required for your child to take part in the pumpkin decorating fun! First, allow them to pick out a special pumpkin or two of their own from a pumpkin patch or the grocery store. Next, make sure you cover your surfaces with something to prevent stains from any spills. You might want to consider covering the chairs and/or floor as well. That's because now it's time to pick out your paint. 

The best types of paint for this project are craft or acrylics. Both can be found readily at any local craft store, and both come in a wide variety of colors. While free-styling is fine, it's also okay to sketch out designs first. All you'll need is a good old No. 2 pencil and a little imagination. Now, smock up your child, have them choose their palette, hand them some foam brushes and let the pumpkin portraiture begin! 

Whichever easy Halloween craft you decide to make with your child this year, it's sure to become a lasting memory for years to come. Who knows, it might even become a holiday tradition!

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