How to Create an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

Being outdoors can be as comfortable as being indoors! Entertain, cook, or sit back and relax. Just use these tips to create your dream outdoor living space.

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Your patio can offer enjoyment all year long, so why not have some fun decorating it? Here are some outdoor living space ideas to inspire you.

Sit a Spell

The first focus of any outdoor living room design is … surprise, surprise … the seating. It’s a no-brainer. If you don’t incorporate comfortable seating on your patio, you’ll never want to spend time there. Play around with your options — such as sectionals versus hammock chairs — and take into consideration how many seats you’ll need for a typical night of entertaining. Likewise, invest in cushions that are made of stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant fabric to ensure they can endure the outdoor elements.

Light it Up

Then, move on to the second focus: lighting. A single porch light is far less inviting than string lights. And nothing sets a relaxing tone like candles. For added ambiance that doesn’t require any cumbersome wiring or fire hazards, integrate solar path lights throughout your outdoor living space. Bonus Tip: Place solar lights directly into your flower pots to show off all those pretty blooms at night.

Incorporate Some Privacy

You may have the perfect chair and the perfect amount of soft light, but you may not feel perfectly comfortable if you feel like your neighbors are watching your every move. One solution: Rethink the purpose of weatherproof products. For example, hang colorful outdoor rugs between patio posts for instant privacy screens. Or hang curtains made of outdoor fabric that not only add privacy when you want it, but also add an extra homey touch to the area.

Accent With Accessories

Don’t just rely on flowers to add color and decoration to your space. You know all that wine you’ll be enjoying in your relaxing outdoor living area? Why not reuse the bottles as vases and candle holders? And those trendy metal signage letters that you see on every episode of your favorite home decorating show? Add those to a large, blank wall for instant appeal. Basically, if it’s made of outdoor-approved materials, don’t be afraid to add it to your design.

Integrate Entertainment

If your free time is typically spent enjoying music or watching television inside, don’t be afraid to add those elements to your outdoor living room. Hey, it’s all about what makes you happy, right?

Relax With Water

Speaking of “happy,” not much is more relaxing than the sound of running water. And, fortunately, it doesn’t take an entire waterfall to create that sound. Rather, something as simple as a tabletop water feature can provide plenty of tranquility.

Heat Things Up

Want to take your outdoor living space to another level? Consider creating an outdoor kitchen or adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. That way, nothing can stop you from enjoying your time. Not a cool breeze. Or a chilly night. Or even a rumbling tummy.

Knowing how to create an outdoor living space that you love is one thing. Making your dream oasis a reality is another. And it may not happen overnight. If you’re looking for ways to get closer to that perfect patio while saving a few bucks, check out our tips on how to get a backyard makeover on a budget.


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