Cost Savers and Budgeting Tips

Quick and Easy Fixes For a More Energy Efficient Home

Month after month you pay your energy bill and it seems like the cost goes up and up. Luckily, there are a few easy changes to make around the house to help lower your energy consumption, which will lower your bill and save money.
American Home Shield Employee Replacing Air Filter
1. One of the very simplest ways to lower your energy bills is by taking advantage of sunlight. Instead of automatically flipping on the lights in every room each morning, open your window coverings and let the sun in before you decide if the lights need to be turned on.

2. A programmable thermostat is another way to lower your bills, and it may already be in your home but not in use. If your thermostat can be programmed, set the temperature for day and night and for when you are or are not home. That way, you won’t be cooling or heating an empty house.

3. An inflatable chimney damper can reduce heat loss and downward drafts from your fireplace. It can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

4. Insulating your water heater can reduce energy loss by about 25-45 percent, adding up to savings every month.

5. Replacing your air filter can help your furnace run as cleanly and efficiently as possible, helping reduce both your energy bill and strain on the unit.

These five simple fixes are easy enough not to require a professional and can help save money on your bills every month. Maybe they’ll even inspire some money saving fixes of your own!