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Give Her The Gift Of Worry-Free Living This Mother’s Day

Now that Mother’s Day is on the horizon, consider some new ways to help her relax. There are plenty of new energy-efficient and timesaving appliances out there that are perfect for helping reduce the stress of daily demands.
Mom Gets Energy-Saving Appliances for Mother's Day


Helpful Appliances:

Smarter Coffee: The best way to start off Mother’s Day is with a big breakfast in bed. What’s even better is having a coffee maker that you can control from the comfort of your bed. The new Nest Learning Thermostat. It’s great for mothers who constantly have their hands tied with daily demands and could really use one less thing to worry about. This thermostat is incredibly simple to control and it also learns your daily schedule so that it can begin regulating your home’s temperature more efficiently. Oh, and it looks pretty snazzy on your wall too.

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RC Roomba: Keep the cleaning going this Mother’s Day without even lifting a single finger. With an ® Roomba, you can take the struggle out of maintaining a clean floor throughout your house and replace it with a fun, hands-free vacuum cleaner. There is even a new remote control accessory that lets you steer the sneaky little robot when you want it to focus on a particular spot, or if you just want to have a little fun while lounging on the couch.

Smart Washer/Dryer: Why not go all out this Mother’s Day and surprise her with a new smart washer and/or dryer? These are great for the entire family because not only do they help conserve valuable energy, but they can also be controlled with a smart phone application. That means that each member of the family can personalize their washing and drying preferences. Whirlpool® offers the 6th Sense Technology, which works in conjunction with many of your other smart household appliances — like the Nest Learning Thermostat, or a smart dishwasher. What better way to take a load off of Mom's shoulders than to make many of your household appliances easier to control and manage?

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Mother’s Day is a great time to take over some of Mom's daily duties and help find new ways to make managing your household an easier task. A Home Warranty Plan® is a great gift for protecting your budget in case one of your other Mother's Day gifts, like a smart washer or dryer, happens to breakdown.

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