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looking inside refrigerator
looking inside refrigerator

Quiz: What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

So you're in your kitchen and about to heat up something good. You've been craving for this meal all day. And then "BUZZ!" Just as you set the timer, the microwave crashes. Just your luck, right? Well when a household appliance unexpectedly breaks down or a damaging storm hits, you need to be prepared. Part of that preparation entails knowing which insurance or warranty option you should turn to for financial help in making repairs. Should you call your home warranty provider? What about your homeowner's insurance or the manufacturer's warranty?

Take our quiz to find out if you’re a home protection coverage expert.

1. A hail storm pummeled your roof last night. Which form of protection most likely has you covered?

A. Homeowner's insurance 

B. Home warranty 

C. Mortgage insurance

D. Hazard insurance


2. Your refrigerator isn't holding its usual cold temperature. You take care of your fridge fairly well, but you've had it longer than six months. Which protection could help you save money getting it fixed?

A. Mortgage insurance

B. Homeowner's insurance

C. Home warranty

D. Manufacturers warranty


3. Uh-oh — a pipe just started leaking in your bathroom. Which protection will help when it comes to calling a plumber?

A. Home service contract

B. Home warranty

C. Mortgage insurance

D. Hazard insurance


4. Your neighbor's home burned down in a fire. You're letting them stay with you for the time being, but you want to help even more. Which protection should you direct them to?

A. Mortgage insurance

B. Extended warranty

C. Home warranty

D. Homeowner's insurance

Thinking about coverage?

Sounds like a plan. Find the warranty that fits you best.

5. You're about to hop in the shower when you realize the water won't warm up. That means your water heater needs repair. Which protection will help you pay for the cost?

A. Home warranty

B. Home mortgage insurance

C. Home service contract

D. Homeowner's insurance


6. Last night's storm sent a tree falling on top of your porch, damaging the pillars holding it up. Which protection covers this situation?

A. Home warranty

B. Home mortgage insurance

C. Hazard insurance

D. Home service contract


7. It's the day after Thanksgiving, and you realize that all that cooking yesterday killed your oven. It has only been two years since you purchased the oven. Which protection helps you only with the parts for the repair?

A. Home mortgage insurance

B. Manufacturer's warranty

C. Home service contract

D. Homeowner's insurance



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When it comes to keeping you, your family, your home and your bank account protected, there are many great options for coverage. So, we understand why it can be confusing. Home insurance covers what MIGHT happen—a tree falling on your home, for example. However, a Home Warranty Plan offers protection from what WILL happen—your A/C going kaput or your refrigerator breaking down. Learn more about how American Home Shield can save you from the "Will happens" in life:


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