Do I Have a Home Warranty with Pool Coverage?

Summer is when you'll use/need your pool the most. Make sure you learn how a home warranty can help cover your pool from unexpected breakdown to equipment.

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Summer is when you’ll get the most use out of your backyard pool. Your kids will want to bring their friends over to swim, and you’ll want to take the occasional dip yourself to cool off and relax after a long day at work, or on a lazy Sunday.

But pools have a lot of moving parts, and they’re a lot of work to maintain. Unexpected breakdowns of your pool pump, sweep or other components can put your pool out of commission and ruin your whole summer. The good news is that American Home Shield® offers home warranty with pool coverage, so you can ease your worries about unexpected pool breakdowns, and defray the cost of getting your pool’s important components repaired or replaced.

Home Warranty Plans for Your Pool and Spa

American Home Shield offers a range of home warranty plans to meet the needs of every homeowner, including:

  • Our Appliances Plan, which covers your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven and other major home appliances
  • The Systems Plan, which covers your HVAC, plumbing and electrical
  • The Combo Plan, which combines both the appliances and the systems plans for the most comprehensive coverage

Pool and spa coverage is available as an add-on to any of our policies. The Pool and Spa add-on protects parts of your pool or spa’s filtration system, pump and heating system.

What Type of Home Warranty Pool Coverage Does AHS Offer?

Pool and spa pump coverage can be added to any of our plans. If your pool and spa share components such as filtration or heating, then shared components will be covered by either pool or spa coverage. However, components that are not shared will not be covered, unless you have coverage for components of both.

 At American Home Shield, we provide coverage for above ground components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration system including:

  • Pool sweep motor and pump
  • Pump Motor
  • Blower motor and timer
  • Plumbing pipes and wiring
  • Plumbing and electrical

Does a Home Warranty Cover Pool Leaks?

It might, if the leak is due to a malfunction of any of the above-ground components mentioned previously. However, if your pool leak is due to a malfunction of the liner or other structural components of the pool that aren’t covered, you may need to pay for it yourself if it’s not under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The structural elements of your pool may be covered under builders’ warranties for some time after your pool is constructed. For example, fiberglass pool shells are guaranteed for at least 25 years, while the gel surface coat should be guaranteed for about 15 years. If your pool has a vinyl liner, you should have both a manufacturer’s warranty on the liner itself and a workmanship guarantee on the quality of the installation. Concrete pools are typically covered by a workmanship guarantee, since the builder usually pours the concrete.

What’s Not Covered Under the Spa or Pool Plan?

Spa and pool systems are complex, and not every component will be covered. Some components of your pool and spa that will not be covered include liners, jets, lights, ornamental waterfalls and fountains and their pumps, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and fuel storage tanks. Portable or above-ground spas are not covered.

What Are Your Obligations Under a Pool and Spa Home Warranty Plan?

Unlike some other home warranty providers, American Home Shield does not require homeowners to keep meticulous maintenance records and we will cover it no matter the age. We understand that homeowners often inherit pool and spa systems, as well as other covered appliances and home systems, from the previous owner and likely do not have a record of previous maintenance repairs.

Is Home Insurance Higher with an In-ground Pool?

Yes, installing a pool will make your home insurance premiums go up. If you buy a house with a pool, you’ll pay more for insurance than you would for a house without a pool. The difference may not be much — usually about $50 a month — but be sure to check before you make the call. 

However, you do need to make your home insurance company aware that you're installing a pool or buying a house with a pool. Pools are considered an “attractive nuisance,” which means that if children use your pool, even without your permission, you’re responsible for any injuries. As a result, your home insurance company probably has requirements for securing your pool, such as putting a fence around it with a gate that can be locked.

Especially with in-ground pools, you need to make sure that you have the right home insurance coverage for your pool. Sometimes, home insurers consider in-ground pools to be part of the home itself, but other times, they consider them to be an external structure or outbuilding, like a shed or a detached garage.

If your in-ground pool is considered part of your house, you’ll get more coverage, but you’ll also pay higher monthly premiums to insure your home. If your in-ground pool is considered an external structure, you’ll pay less monthly, but you’ll get less coverage.

Let’s say your home is insured for a replacement value of $100,000. If you have an in-ground pool that cost $20,000 to install, and it’s considered a part of your home by your insurance company, you’ll get $120,000 of insurance, covering the entire replacement value of the pool. 

But if your in-ground pool is considered an external structure, you may only get covered for 10 percent of the replacement value of your home, or $10,000. So if your pool becomes damaged and needs to be replaced, you can only get half the money you need.

Will Home Insurance Cover Damage to an In-Ground Pool?

Yes, home insurance should cover damage to your in-ground pool. However, it’s not common for homeowners to need to file insurance claims for damage to their in-ground pools. There’s not a lot that can damage an in-ground pool, especially a concrete pool. Wind, fire and water damage poses a bigger threat to your home itself. Pools are more likely to be damaged by falling trees or earthquakes.

As for the pool’s components that may break down due to natural wear and tear, that’s where a home warranty with pool and spa coverage comes in handy. 

Will Home Insurance Cover Damage to an Above-Ground Pool?

When it comes to insurance coverage, above-ground pools are a totally different beast. Since most above-ground pools are assembled, and can technically be moved even if a deck or other structure is built to enclose it, most home insurance companies consider them personal property. So your above-ground pool will need to be covered under your personal property protection, and that might mean reporting the pool to your insurance company, having it added to your policy as a piece of property that specifically needs protection, increasing your personal property coverage limits and paying higher premiums as a result. 

If you’re buying a house with an above-ground pool or having an above-ground pool installed, you should ask your home insurance company whether there’s a claim limit for swimming pool coverage, and if there is, you may want to purchase additional coverage for your swimming pool. You should also ask if structures around the pool, like a deck, for example, need to be insuranced as personal property or if they would be considered part of the home or an external structure.

Will Home Insurance Cover Your Pool’s Moving Parts?

In general, the only way to get coverage for the mechanical parts of your pool, like the heater, pump, and pool vacuum or sweeper, is to get a home warranty with pool and spa pump coverage. Once you have coverage, you can get covered components repaired or replaced and only pay the Trade Service Call Fee. So, before you find yourself frantically googling how to unclog a pool pump, you should make sure your pool is covered under your home warranty.

In order to get your pool or spa pump breakdown covered, your first call should be to American Home Shield. We’ll send out a contractor to take a look at your pool or spa and diagnose the problem. You’ll pay a Trade Service Call Fee, the amount of which you will choose when you first purchase your coverage. Your home warranty will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your covered component, up to your plan limits.

Summer wouldn’t be the same without your pool. Get ready for summer with a home warranty that covers your pool and spa. Enjoy your pool all summer long, without having to worry about expensive, surprise pool repair bills that can wreck your summer budget.

Get a home warranty quote, or explore our plans and add-ons to find the perfect home budget protection for your family.  

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