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Do I Have a Home Warranty with Pool Coverage?

Summer is when you'll use/need your pool the most. Make sure you learn how a home warranty can help cover your pool from unexpected breakdown to equipment.

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Summer is when you’ll get the most use out of your backyard pool. Your kids will want to bring their friends over to swim, and you’ll want to take the occasional dip yourself to cool off and relax after a long day at work, or on a lazy Sunday.

But pools have a lot of moving parts, and they’re a lot of work to maintain. Unexpected breakdowns of your pool pump, sweep, or other components can put your pool out of commission and ruin your whole summer. The good news is that American Home Shield® offers home warranty with pool coverage, so you can ease your worries about unexpected pool breakdowns, and defray the cost of getting your pool’s important components repaired or replaced.

Home Warranty Plans for Your Pool and Spa

AHS® offers a range of home warranty plans to meet the needs of every homeowner, including:

  • Our Appliances Plan, which covers your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven and other major home appliances
  • The Systems Plan, which covers your HVAC, plumbing and electrical
  • The Combo Plan, which combines both the appliances and the systems plans for the most comprehensive coverage
  • The Build-Your-Own Plan, which allows homeowners to select 10 appliances and systems they’d like to cover.  


What Type of Home Warranty Pool Coverage Does AHS Offer?

Pool and spa pump coverage can be added to any of our plans. If your pool and spa share components such as filtration or heating, then shared components will be covered by either pool or spa coverage. However, components that are not shared will not be covered, unless you have coverage for components of both.

 At American Home Shield, we provide coverage for above ground components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration system including: :

  • Pool sweep motor and pump
  • Pump Motor
  • Blower motor and timer
  • Plumbing pipes and wiring
  • Plumbing and electrical

What’s Not Covered Under the Spa or Pool Plan?

Spa and pool systems are complex, and not every component will be covered. Some components of your pool and spa that will not be covered include liners, jets, lights, ornamental waterfalls and fountains and their pumps, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and fuel storage tanks. Portable or above-ground spas are not covered.

What Are Your Obligations Under a Pool and Spa Home Warranty Plan?

Unlike some other home warranty providers, AHS does not require homeowners to keep meticulous maintenance records and we will cover it no matter the age. We understand that homeowners often inherit pool and spa systems, as well as other covered appliances and home systems, from the previous owner and likely do not have record of previous maintenance repairs.

In order to get your pool or spa pump breakdown covered, your first call should be to American Home Shield. We’ll send out a contractor to take a look at your pool or spa and diagnose the problem. You’ll pay a Trade Service Call Fee, the amount of which you will choose when you first purchase your coverage. AHS will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your covered component, up to your plan limits.

Summer wouldn’t be the same without your pool. Get ready for summer with a home warranty that covers your pool and spa from AHS. Enjoy your pool all summer long, without having to worry about expensive, surprise pool repair bills that can wreck your summer budget.

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