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Your pool or in-ground spa is a luxurious addition to your outdoor space. It's a spot where you can relax, so you want the right protection to make sure it’s always functional. Unfortunately, malfunctions happen, and your swimming pool or spa pump might eventually stop working properly. When it does, you want to get your pool or spa working again. Rather than seeking out a service contractor and paying a hefty fee to have your pool or spa serviced, turn to American Home Shield® home warranties, which can include reliable protection for your pool or spa.

With an AHS Home Warranty Plan that includes additional swimming pool and spa pump coverage, you'll enjoy expert repair of any covered malfunctions. Simply contact AHS and we'll find a qualified, professional service contractor who will come to your home to diagnose the problem with your pool or spa. This service contractor will identify a solution and, with your approval, get your pool or spa working again. You will pay a Trade Service Call Fee, as outlined in your contract. Additional charges may apply depending on the necessary repair. Thanks to AHS's reliable home warranties with pool and spa pump coverage, the hassle of finding a service contractor and paying the full cost of a covered repair won't be your burden. Let AHS make covered pool and spa repairs simpler than ever.

Compare Plans with Home Warranty Coverage Options for Pool & Spa Pump

If you’re seeking additional coverage for your pool and spa pump, you can add this coverage to any AHS Home Warranty. The addition of this coverage comes with an additional fee, as your contract will outline. Explore your three options to select the best home warranty plan for your family.

  • The Appliances Plan extends robust coverage to many key home appliances, including the refrigerator, oven, washing machine, and more. Enjoy thorough coverage of your appliances, and add pool and spa pump coverage to this plan.
  • The Systems Plan protects major components of important home systems, including your air conditioning and heating, plumbing, and electrical. The addition of the pool and spa pump option to this plan delivers another layer of coverage.
  • The Combo Plan, AHS’ most popular plan, combines the Appliances Plan and Systems Plan, giving you coverage for many home appliances and major components of home systems. Adding the pool and spa pump option to this plan enhances your home warranty coverage.

What's Covered in a Home Warranty with Pool & Spa Pump Coverage?

Because the pool or spa system can be complex, coverage is extended to some, but not all, parts and components of your system. If the pool and spa pump is on a shared system, then shared heating, pumping, and filtration equipment is covered. However, if they are not on a shared system, only one or the other is covered, unless you pay an additional fee.

Other covered parts and components of your swimming pool and spa include the following:

  • Pool sweep and motor pump
  • Pump motor
  • Blower motor and timer
  • Plumbing pipes and wiring
  • Plumbing and electrical

Some parts and components of your system are not covered. Among these excluded parts and components are the following:

  • Portable or above-ground spas
  • Lights, liners, and jets
  • Ornamental fountains and waterfalls and their pumping systems
  • Fuel storage tanks, heat pumps, and dehumidifiers

Talk to AHS about those parts and components that are included in your Home Warranty so that you thoroughly understand your protection. Then, enjoy the coverage that your home warranty delivers year-round.

Suggested Plan For You

With a Home Systems Warranty Plan, you will be covered for the replacement or repair of the components of many key home systems, including the Pool and Spas.

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