Top 3 iOS 8 Features for Homeowners

We’re all looking for faster, better ways to manage our households, and if you’ve already snagged a new iPhone 6 or installed iOS 8, that just got a whole lot easier. Here are three new iPhone 6 features that will make any homeowner's life a breeze.

Apple Pay UI Displayed on iPhones


Apple Pay

No more digging around in your purse or fidgeting with your wallet to gain access to that tightly-fitted credit card at the checkout counter. With Apple’s recently launched Apple Pay function, you can expedite your purchase with just a single tap of your new iPhone at the register. There are over 220,000 partnered retailers and Apple’s also gotten multiple major credit card companies and banks on board, so no additional account is necessary.

How Apple Pay Works in 3 easy steps:

    1. Open Passbook on any iPhone 6 and up or iOS 8.1 device. (Note: If you haven’t downloaded the new iOS, make sure to make room on your device before attempting. The latest version takes up a whopping 1.6 GBs. of storage.)

    1. Add a credit or debit card. The app will prompt you to take a photo of any major card that is accepted by Apple Pay. It currently works with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express (

  1. Shop with a simple wave. At the register, look for the Apply Pay device and pay.



Oops—you made your grocery list on your iPad, but you rushed out to the store with only your iPhone 6. No problem! Handoff will let you see your list on any of your other Apple devices. Handoff also works for Messages, Reminders, Contacts, Maps, Safari, Mail and Calendar. Start something on one device and seamlessly finish on another without saving or syncing.


Now it’s a snap to get the information you need to start your day. A downward swipe from the top of your iPhone screen reveals a customizable widget page with all of today’s to-dos, that eBay item you’ve been bidding on, today’s weather, sports updates and much more. And each widget is linked directly back to an app for full information and accessibility.

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