Smart Thermostats: Facts & Installation

Learn more about one of the newest trending technologies and how it can save you money and energy. Find our how to install smart thermostats in your home today!
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What is a Smart Thermostat?

The devices are called smart thermostats, or learning thermostats, because they “learn” and remember your home temperature preferences for specific times of each day. After collecting data for a week, the learning thermostat creates an individualized heating and cooling schedule for the home. The thermostats also have WiFi connection capability that enables homeowners to remotely adjust the thermostat using a smart phone or web browser.

How to Install a Smart Thermostat

If you’ve considered getting a learning thermostat, you may have wondered how easy it would be to install. Assuming that your current thermostat has a compatible system and wiring (an online poll by the thermostat manufacturer will tell you if it does), there are usually only a few simple installation steps involved for most units:

1. Remove your previous thermostat housing, leaving the wires intact.

2. Position your new learning thermostat on the wall (some have a built-in level on the back plate).

3. Reconnect the wires to the labeled terminals on the new back plate. No special tools are required to attach the wires.

4. The thermostat front snaps onto the back plate.

5. A series of questions will appear on the thermostat screen that you will need to answer to configure the system.

6. You’ll also need to set up an account in order to manage the thermostat remotely from an app or browser.

7. The thermostat screen may go black when it’s not in use. Simply touching it or walking past it will activate the screen.


Of course, installation instructions may vary so be sure to read and follow the specific instructions that come with your learning thermostat model. For more information and to star up-to-date with the latest in-home appliance innovations, click here.

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