The AHS Top 10: Best Home Security Apps

Gearing up for a summer vacation but wishing there was a way to keep tabs on your house while you’re away? You’re in luck! Here’s our list (in no particular order) of the best home security apps available.

Best home security apps AHS


Top Apps With Paid Monitoring Services

1. (Android, iOS)

Trusted by millions, the app for security systems integrates your current system with all of your connected devices. And when we say “all,” we mean all. In fact, you can view and control the app from your smartphone, tablet, TV and smartwatch. And you can even tell Alexa to arm your system, change the temperature, turn your lights off and lock the doors.

2. Frontpoint (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows)

Frontpoint has been a leading competitor in advanced security technology for years, so it’s no surprise their app is one of our favorites. In addition to its home automation capabilities and up-to-the-second notifications, it’s free and compatible with all devices — not just Google and Apple products.

3. XFINITY® Home (Android, iOS)

Comcast has stepped out of the realm of only offering cable, internet and phone services. Now they offer peace of mind, with their home security services. The best part? With their app, you can not only control your alarm system, door locks, lights and thermostat, but you can also receive notifications of smoke and water detections.

4. Protection 1 (Android, iOS)

Protection 1 offers four different home security apps, enabling more of its customers to use the latest technology they have to offer. What makes this app stand out? You can set up notification alerts for specific off-limit areas of your home (like a medicine or gun cabinet).

5. AlarmForce VideoRelay (Android, iOS)

When it comes to security alarm apps, the AlarmForce VideoRelay has a leg up on the competition. Why? Because, in addition to all the typical bells and whistles, it connects to your phone, so you can communicate with people at your front door through two-way audio and video technology.

Top Apps Without Paid Monitoring Services

6. Reolink (Android, iOS)

Just download, install and open. That’s all you have to do to begin enjoying the benefits of this free app, which include remote multi-screen live streaming and video playback.

7. Presence (Android, iOS)

The Presence home security app allows you to put those old smartphones and tablets to use by converting them into handy, portable security cameras.

8. i-Security (Android, iOS)

The i-Security app doesn’t just allow you to have up to 64 live channels (whoa!); it also enables you to create snapshots of live video.

9. AtHome (Android, iOS)

After converting virtually any device (more than 10 million, in fact) into a video monitoring system with the AtHome app, you can then schedule when the cameras record and store that recorded video in the Cloud. What’s more, you can then view a time-lapse video summarizing the past 24 hours. Wow!

10. iSmartAlarm (Android, iOS)

Want the benefits of home security systems without spending a fortune on an alarm company? Go the iSmartAlarm route. Because it’s a DIY offering, there are no contracts to sign and no fees to pay.

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