Safe and Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

Looking for an alternative to costly green cleaning products? Then look no further than these four natural ingredients that you probably already have in your house.

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White vinegar.
When it comes to natural cleaners, it’s tough to beat white vinegar. You can use it all over the house to clean, disinfect and deodorize just about anything.

Mix white vinegar with equal parts of water and you can use it to clean countertops, cabinets, appliances, sinks, tubs, toilets and bathroom fixtures. It’s terrific for mopping bathroom and kitchen floors to a sparkly shine. Add two teaspoons of vinegar to a gallon of warm water, and it also makes a great window cleaner. Worried about your home smelling like a mixed salad? Don’t be; the smell of vinegar goes away as soon as it dries.

Baking soda.
Baking soda is a natural alternative to non-abrasive cleaners. Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge or cloth and you can use it to scrub away light stains from just about any surface in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s great for cleaning marble countertops and removing crayon or scuffmarks from walls and floors.

Mix three parts baking soda with one part water and make a paste that’s perfect for cleaning silverware, removing baked on food from pots and pans, or pre-treating stains on clothing. With so many cleaning uses for baking soda, it’s a wonder why so many people mainly use it to absorb odors in their refrigerator.

Lemon juice.
Lemons are highly acidic with powerful antibacterial properties that make them a nearly perfect natural cleaner. Lemon juice works wonders for dissolving soap scum and hard water deposits in your bathroom. It’s also great for scrubbing away stubborn stains on copper, brass and chrome. You can use lemon juice to clean and disinfect dishes, countertops and your cutting board.

Mix one cup of olive oil with a ½ cup of lemon and you’ve got an all-natural polish for hardwood furniture.

Best of all, when you clean your home with lemon juice, it leaves behind a clean, fresh scent that lasts for hours.

Borax powder.
Borax, a natural mineral also known as sodium borate, has been used for ages as a laundry booster that cleans, whitens, lifts stains, eliminates odors, and many other household uses.

Borax can make everyone’s least-favorite job, cleaning the toilet, less of a chore. Simply add ¼ cup to the bowl, let it stand about half an hour, and brush.

Clean a smelly garbage disposal by putting three tablespoons of Borax down the drain. Wait an hour and run very hot water to clear away the odor-causing food and bacteria that cling to the inside of the disposal. Then turn the disposal on for a few seconds, and breathe in the freshness!