How To Find A Good Contractor: Top Questions to Ask During the Repair Inspection

Finding a reliable home repair contractor is important. Learn what questions to ask to screen contractors before work is ever done and how to evaluate the repair. 

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When it comes to an issue in your home — especially a broken appliance — it’s important to know how to find a good contractor to ensure the repair is made accurately and efficiently. Here’s what American Home Shield suggests asking home repair contractors vying for your business to build a better sense of awareness and experience during the repair inspection.

What Familiarity Do You Have Working With This Issue?

Of course you want to find home repair contractors with experience. That goes without saying. What you really need to assess, though, is each potential contractor’s experience with your issue at hand, in particular.

How Long Could the Repair Take?

If something in your home isn’t working — especially something that you use on a daily basis —  you want that product to be repaired quickly. Ask how long the repair will take so you can make necessary adjustments to your routine to accommodate the problem.

Is There a Guarantee on the Repair?

There’s nothing worse than getting something repaired only to have it mysteriously stop working or malfunction again shortly after. Ask if there is a warranty on what is being repaired, so you’ll know if another breakdown in the near future will, in fact, cost you even more money.

Are There Any Simple Repair Tricks I Could Do If This Happens Again?

If you could easily fix the problem yourself, it could obviously save you time and money. Ask if there is a DIY repair trick you should consider in the future rather than calling a professional, if you feel comfortable in your DIY abilities.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cost of repairs is one of the most important things to know upfront. If you can’t afford the repair, finding out as soon as possible could help you find alternatives. At AHS®, we connect our customers with a network of contractors at a discounted price. Therefore, considering a home warranty could save you time that would otherwise be spent looking for a repair person as well as money, since we have those discounts and contractor connections. And communicating the pricing upfront will ensure you won’t see surprises on the invoice later.

Would It Be Cost-efficient to Replace Whatever Isn’t Working Properly?

Why fix an appliance if the repair cost exceeds the price of buying a new one? Make sure to ask for all suggestions and prices as they relate to your repair. Also, it doesn’t hurt to do your own research. Surprisingly, it may be cheaper to simply start over with a new appliance.

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Bonus Questions (to Ask Yourself)

  • What overall impression did the contractor give you?
  • Did the repair person show up when you were expecting him or her?
  • Did you feel like he or she was being honest?
  • Was he or she being respectful of your home? (For example, did the contractor mention anything about cleaning up after the job is done?)
  • Did the repair person document your conversation, to ensure he or she received all the details?

Are you having a hard time finding a contractor and want 100 percent guarantees on your repair? Take a look at our American Home Shield warranty plans.

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