Chill Out with Ceiling Fans

Air conditioning accounts for more than 15 percent of the energy use of the average home. Using ceiling fans can conserve energy and save money.
Outdoor and Pool-Side Living Room with Ceiling Fans

The spin on savings.
Fans work like wind chill: they help your body stay more comfortable in higher temperatures. Using fans to stay cool in the summer allows you to set your home thermostat higher without sacrificing comfort, allowing you to save up to 40% on cooling costs.


Installing and maintaining.
Ceiling fans are relatively inexpensive (some models sell for less than $50). Many homeowners find fan installation an easy DIY project, especially if an electric ceiling box is already present. For maximum energy savings, be sure to keep your fans in good working order by cleaning the blades regularly. You can also eliminate wobbling and squeaking by keeping your fan well oiled and balanced. Then, sit back and enjoy the breeze!

Fan smarts.
  • Ceiling fans will only cool you, not the room, so don’t leave fans running in empty rooms.
  • In the summer, make sure fan blades are turning counterclockwise, which will circulate cool air downward.
  • Fans will only save you money if you set your thermostat higher as a result of fan use. Running ceiling fans and the air conditioner at full blast will only increase your energy bills.

Want even more information on how your ceiling fan can save you money? ENERGY STAR has great advice that can help you with just that.

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