How to Choose the Right Size Ceiling Fan for Your Room

There’s more to choosing a ceiling fan than grabbing one you like off the shelf. It first begins with understanding the height, size and type. Follow the steps to properly measure to get the right fit.

Slate colored ceiling fan

Did you know that a ceiling fan can make a room 8 degrees cooler and help save you on energy bills? Your ceiling fan is there so you can kick back and chill out. But there’s more to choosing a ceiling fan than grabbing one you like off the shelf. Of course there are many styles and you want it to look great, but it also has to be the correct size and type. For maximum performance and comfort, you have to consider the distance from the ceiling to the floor as well as the dimensions of the blades. It’s not so hard if you follow the steps below for sizing your ceiling fan:

1. Determine the correct blade span for the room

It seems obvious that you want a smaller ceiling fan for a smaller room and a larger ceiling fan for a larger room. But for best performance, you need a ceiling fan with the correct blade span for the room. If the fan has an odd number of blades, measure from the center of the fan to the end of one of the blades and multiply the number by two. If the fan has an even number of blades, measure from one end of a blade to the end of the blade on the opposite side. 


Then use the chart below to see how big your ceiling fan should be based on your room’s square footage (length of room in feet x width). 

2: Determine how high to hang your fan

How high you hang your ceiling fan and the type of mount you need depends on the height of your room and whether or not the ceiling is sloped. Hanging your ceiling fan at the right height will give you the best airflow.

For straight ceilings:

Ceiling height < 8 feet: Choose a ceiling fan with a flush mount. 7’ minimum distance from blades to floor.
Ceiling height > 8 feet: Choose a ceiling fan with a standard mount. 8’ minimum distance from blades to floor.

For sloped ceilings:

A sloped ceiling requires a slope mount to hang a ceiling fan. Make sure the fan is mounted at the middle of the room at an appropriate height. The distance from the floor to the fan blades must be minimum 8 feet.

Other ceiling fan recommendations:

- Choose a low profile ceiling fan for ceilings 8 feet or under
- Choose a ceiling fan with a downrod for ceilings 9 feet or greater
- Make sure the distance from the fan blades to either wall is a minimum of 18 inches

Step 3: Determine the right downrod

Choosing the right downrod is important so that you can mount your ceiling fan at a safe distance from your head. Follow the chart below for the correct length to choose:


Now that you know how to choose the right ceiling fan for your room, you can stay cool and keep the air flowing all year round. And when a ceiling fan isn’t enough during the warmest months, make sure your air conditioning is always in working order and that your fan is covered with an American Home Shield® Home Warranty


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