Host With the Most: Fun Things to Do on 4th of July

Is it your turn to host the 4th of July party this year? Have no fear! While you’re getting your grillin’ on, let your guests — both big and small — celebrate the occasion with these five must-do activities.

fourth of july

1. Make One-of-a-Kind Refreshments

Before your guests pour their first drinks, get them to decorate their glasses with red, white and blue paint. Simply set up mason jars, acrylic paint and craft sponges (cut into strips, stars, etc.) next to the drink station area, and see what kind of patriotic designs the guests come up with. (Don’t worry, the paint will dry quickly.) For added customization, let them also paint chalkboard labels on the glasses so they can personalize them with their names.

Tip: For a festive after-dinner dessert, consider reusing the same glasses for 4th of July–themed ice cream floats, made with vanilla ice cream and bright red and blue sodas.

fourth of july mason jars

Image Source: Big Bear’s Wife

2. Have a Lawn Decorating Contest

If yours is truly a “home of the brave,” consider letting your guests compete in a festive lawn decorating contest. Divide the participants into two teams, provide them with cardboard and scissors to make stencils, as well as red, white and blue grass-friendly construction marking spray paint and see who can create the most patriotic look on their half of the lawn. The cool part about it? Because it’s paint, you get to admire the artwork long after the party’s over. What’s even cooler? When you are tired of looking at it, all you have to do is give the grass its normal summertime trim.

Tip: Unless you want to draw attention to your home, we recommend doing this activity in your backyard versus the front.

lawn art fourth of july

Image Source: The Concrete Cottage

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3. Play a Quick Game (or Two or Three) of Patriotic Bingo

Whether the players are young or old, bingo never fails to be a hit with the crowd — especially if there are prizes involved. Want to take the game up a notch? Consider testing the winners’ American knowledge by asking each of them to answer a trivia question (for example, “What are the words to the Pledge of Allegiance?”) before picking a prize.

fourth of july bingo

Image Source: Crazy Little Projects

4. Take Bubble Blowing to a New Level

Sure, the little ones would be amazed with regular bubbles. But it’s the 4th of July. Regular bubbles won’t cut it. Instead, kids of all ages are sure to enjoy making patriotic bubble blowers of different shapes and sizes and blowing red and blue color bubbles. The best part is that, since the blowers and bubble solution are so easy to make, the fun can continue as long as the supplies last.

bubble blower 4th july

Image Source: Pint-Sized Treasures

5. Go Out With a Bang

When it comes to fun things to do on 4th of July, you can’t go wrong with fireworks. However, for safety reasons, many communities have a ban on igniting the explosives. Who says you need fire to have fun with fireworks, though? Try these non-explosive — but sure to make a pop! — fireworks instead.

4th july balloon

Image Source: Moore Minutes

Happy 4th of July!

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