4 Themed Parties to Throw This Summer

Who doesn't love a good themed party? A pool isn't the only way to have some summer fun this year. AHS has some ideas for your next themed party!

Hawaii themed party

Entertain friends and family with these unique summer pool party ideas.

Summer is the perfect time to invite friends and family over for a good, old-fashioned blowout. But why settle for some boring bash when you can create a thrilling themed party? Call your friends, invite your family, roll out the welcome mat – we’re providing ideas, themes and thought starters for sizzling summer parties.

1. Summer Camp

Ready for playful? Try a fun and festive summer camp theme. Canopy tents and tiki torches can set the mood, while a roaring campfire is perfect for guests to cook their own s’mores. You can provide marshmallows, chocolate squares, graham crackers and additional sweet treats so guests can create their own personalized desserts. Go the extra mile and split your guests into two teams for your own "camp battle". A series of fun, light competitions can make for great conversation and memories.

2. Beach Bash

Do you have a pool? Well, break out the beach blankets and bikinis, it’s time for a fun, retro beach bash. Decorating for this party can be surprisingly inexpensive, stop by your local thrift stores for some loud and fun Hawaiian shirts, board shorts—even retro swimsuits. You can also add grass skirts or leis for your guests to wear upon arrival. Food and beverages can also be made of classic candy and drink brands. Embrace the campy fun by playing classic surf rock and maybe even the theme from Jaws!

3. Ice Cream Party

This one is simple. The only redeeming thing about months and months of sweltering hot temperatures is that we have an excuse to eat tons of delicious ice cream. This is your chance to go nuts and create the ultimate ice cream bar. Think of an elaborate array of every topping imaginable. You can even pull in a few oddball toppings for a touch of fun flair. Invite guests to create their own signature sundaes. Set your stop watches of a banana split eating contest. This is your opportunity to create an ice cream haven!

4. White Party

When it comes to parties, this is the classier option. Ideally, this party will be scheduled for early evening / nighttime hours. Ask you guests to come dressed in all white. Decorate your space with all white accessories, top to bottom. Tea lights and votive candles can help create evocative mood lighting. Hit up the wedding aisle at your local craft store or boutique for tons of all white accessories, serving pieces and tableware. If it’s good enough for Hollywood celebrities, it’s perfect for you and your friends.

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