How To Host The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! Celebrating Easter can be such a fun, family tradition. Hosting the perfect Easter Egg Hunt is essential to getting your Easter started off right.

Nothing signals the coming of Spring quite like an Easter egg hunt. With warmer weather and longer days, people of all ages are ready to don their Easter finery and spend some time outdoors, socializing and celebrating with Easter ideas and games. An Easter egg hunt is a great way to entertain this season, whether you hold it at your home or at a local park or party venue. Here are some tips for making sure that your Easter egg hunt is a success:

Invite guests in advance

Easter, and springtime in general, can be a busy time so be sure to get out your invitations so that people can set aside time on their calendars. Whether you choose to send written or e-mailed invitations, ask guests to reply or regret so that you’ll know how many people to expect at your party. There are systems that allow you to document your RSVP online. This is a efficient way to document your house guests attendance in advance.

Have an inclement weather alternative

Even if the weather forecasts call for a beautiful Spring day, have a Plan B in mind for your hunt if unexpected rain should fall or if temperatures should drop precipitously. Check your local weather forecast to see how you should prepare beforehand if things go awry. Think through how you will hide the eggs indoors if necessary, and how you will communicate the change of location to your guests.

Easter Egg Basket

Be clear about whether guests should bring their own Easter baskets

Let people know whether they should bring their own containers for collecting eggs, or whether you’ll supply them. If you choose to supply the containers, they can serve double-duty as Easter gift baskets or party favors. You can supply baskets that you’ve decorated with ribbons, paint markers, or stickers, or you can decorate paper gift bags (with handles) stuffed with tissue to cushion the collected eggs.

Have name-tags

When guests wear name-tags, everyone can make new friends faster. Position a table near the entrance of the party with ready made name-tags and markers, or create a craft activity by supplying egg-shaped name-tags that guests can decorate themselves with markers, stickers, glitter, sequins, and feathers.

Easter Egg Hunt Games

Hide plastic or wooden eggs

Save the hard-boiled, dyed Easter eggs for other uses. Hard-boiled eggs that aren’t found can spoil, causing a foul odor and a hazard if consumed by children or pets. Fill plastic eggs with small candies, treats, or prizes. Avoid foods that contain allergens, and avoid small objects that might pose choking hazards for small children. Stickers, pretzels, and other small items make nice surprises.

Organize the egg hunt by age groups

Have different areas or different hunt times for younger and older ages so that everyone has a fair shot at finding the eggs. Think about Easter egg hunting ideas for Toddlers and Easter egg ideas for kids.Let the younger children hunt first for a while before letting older kids join in. Consider having a hunt for adults, too, to let them in on the fun.

Easter Egg Hunt Activity - Prize

Award different prizes

Most egg hunts have prizes for the person who collects the most eggs, but consider adding some other prizes, too. For example, award prizes for the most enthusiastic hunter, the best-dressed hunter, the fastest hunter, or the youngest hunter. Hide some “golden” eggs that contain special prizes, such as cash or gift cards. For the grand prize that goes to the person with the most eggs found, consider giving a big stuffed bunny, a large chocolate or candy egg, a special Easter basket, or tickets to a sporting event or amusement park.

Hide the eggs strategically

For toddlers and very young children, place eggs in full or partial view on the ground and in low areas, where small hands can easily reach them. For older children, make the eggs a bit harder to find by hiding them in and under objects.

Easter Decorations

Decorate festively

There are many creative, inexpensive ways to decorate for an Easter party. Collect baskets of different sizes and shapes to position on tables and around the area. Glue monofilament line or string to colorful plastic eggs and hang them from trees. Choose napkins, tablecloths, and plastic tableware in a variety of pastel colors, such as pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. Cut bunny ears out of cardboard and place in bushes and shrubbery.

Have some other Easter crafts or party ideas

Since Easter egg hunts are over fairly quickly, it’s a good idea to plan some additional entertainment. Have a craft station where guests can make their own bunny ears, or a food station where they can decorate their own Easter cookies. Traditional party games like musical chairs and pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny are always popular, and story time for younger children with a book like The Velveteen Rabbit would be a big hit.

Easter Party Recipes

Serve refreshments

Since Easter egg hunting takes a lot of energy, be sure to have plenty of cold drinks and nutritious snacks on hand. Lemonade and flavored waters are a good choice. Since the Easter bunny likes carrots, serve carrot sticks with hummus or ranch dressing for festive and healthy munching. Egg salad on whole wheat bread makes a protein-rich snack. Bunny trail mix is a good choice, along with fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwis, orange segments, and apple slices.

Have a photo area

Choose an area that has a backdrop of pretty trees and flowers, or create a photo area yourself with Easter decorations and props. Make sure all your guests get their photo taken before they leave.

Easter Games and Activities

Have the Easter bunny to make an appearance

Ask a family member or friend to dress up in costume as the bunny, or find out if any community or civic groups in your area have a bunny character that can be booked for appearances this time of year. Your guests will be delighted when the Easter bunny makes a surprise appearance during your event.

Add a giving component

Ask guests to bring items for a local food pantry, clothing for a homeless shelter, or donations for a charity of your choice.

If don’t wish to host an Easter egg hunt this year but would like to attend one in your area, try checking your community calendar or local newspaper for information. Churches, civic groups, community parks, businesses, and charities often host public Easter egg hunts. Malls, shopping centers, and public squares often feature Easter bunny visits and photos, too.

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