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Homemade, Handmade Father’s Day Gifts From The Heart

If you're stumped about what to give a special dad for Father's Day this year, why not consider a homemade gift? Not only are saving money, homemade and handemade gifts are deeply treasured. Get creative with some of these simple ideas:
Daughter and Father Having Fun on Father's Day


• A photo book or box – Everyone has a multitude of photos stored on phones, tablets, and computers these days. Take some time to sort through photos (old and new) and pick some favorites of your father, family, and friends. If you’d like, there are many good online photo editing tools you can use to crop and enhance the photos that you find. Using photo stock, print out the pictures and assemble them in a photo book or box that you’ve decorated for dad.

• A scrapbook - If photos don’t appeal to you, consider making dad a scrapbook. The scrapbook’s theme can be about a special hobby, travels, your family, your dad’s life, or any other subject you think he would enjoy. Collect mementos, letters, tickets, or any images that reflect the theme, and then paste them into the scrapbook and decorate the pages and cover. Let your imagination be your guide!

• Chore gift cards – If you want to help your dad relax this Father’s Day, here’s a great idea. Go to your computer to design and print “gift cards” that your dad can redeem for specific chores around the house. Use an actual gift card as a format guide. Some ideas for chores include lawn mowing, car washing, window washing, painting, grill cleaning, bed making, or taking out the garbage.

• Portraits – Gather some art supplies, and ask everyone in the family (extended family, too, if you’d like!) to draw or paint a portrait of dad. Artistic talent isn’t what’s important here – instead, the goal is for each person’s impression of dad to come alive on paper. Encourage everyone to be imaginative, and to try to capture dad’s unique personality. Assemble all the portraits on a display board or corkboard for presentation.

• Memory Box – Ask family members, friends, and neighbors to write down a special memory or a funny story that includes your dad. Write or type each person’s contribution on a piece of paper along with their name, and then place the memories inside a box that you’ve decorated. Dad will enjoy reading and sharing the memories long past Father’s Day.

• Tackle That Task - If dad has a particular task that he hasn’t found time to accomplish, such as cleaning out the garage, painting a room, or clearing the gutters, get the whole family together to do it for him. Many hands make light work and a happy father!

• Father’s Favorite Foods – On Sunday, June 21, plan the entire day’s menu around your dad’s favorite foods, all homemade by you! Let dad enjoy his preferred treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Don’t forget to include his favorite beverages, too.

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