Awesome Game Day Party Ideas

Planning on having everyone over for the big game? Check out these easy tips to make sure you're ready to host the best party on the block. 

Big game party

The Christmas season is behind us, but the rest of the winter doesn’t have to be grim. There’s still something to look forward to — the BIG GAME! What better opportunity to have everyone over and show off your new man cave

The traditional game day staples of beer, wings, chili and chips are a given, but there are plenty of extra touches you can add to really take your party to the next level. These party ideas will ensure that guests keep talking about your amazing event all year long.

Make Sure You Can Watch the Game

It sounds like a no-brainer, but check that you can stream or tune in to the game beforehand. Nothing will torpedo your game-day party quite like finding out that you can’t watch it on the big-screen TV. If you don’t have cable, verify that you have access to a streaming service that is broadcasting the game. 

Prepare a Game-Day Menu

Got a chalkboard sitting around? What about a changeable letter board? Use it to whip up a cheap, DIY game-day menu that will let your guests know what snacks are available and what entrees to expect. For extra football flare, divide your meal into four courses, or “downs.”

Serve Nontraditional Appetizers as Well as Fan Favorites 

Not everyone’s going to want wings or pizza. Research game day recipes and serve some fun, nontraditional snacks, too. Use sour cream and pretzels to turn a tray of guacamole into a mini football field. Panko-crusted avocado fries, loaded Greek hummus served with toasted pita wedges, jalapeno poppers and football-shaped empanadas are all big hits.

Whip Up Some Special Super Bowl Cocktails

Not everyone wants to drink beer, either. Whip up pitchers of trifecta punch, margaritas, le grand fizz or butterfly punch. Beer cocktails like shandy, rusty pale or cider splash are also great for game day.

Serve Them in Football Mason Jars

Grab a flat or two of mason jars from your local big-box store and a roll of white electrical tape for easy, DIY football mason jars. Arrange thin strips of the white tape on your jars in the pattern of football stitches for a basic pattern. Got some extra time and a steady hand? Grab some brown and white acrylic paint and really do it up. 

Play Super Bowl Bingo

Some people like watching the game because they like football, but plenty of people just like an excuse to party. You’ll keep your just-along-for-the-ride guests engaged and entertained with a game like game day bingo, because it’ll give them a reason to pay attention to what’s happening on the field. 

Football-themed bingo is a great way to keep kids entertained, too, with each box representing something that might happen during the game, like a shot of the blimp, a field goal or a safety. Commercials are also fair game for bingo fodder — add squares for things like animals, Coca Cola or Matthew McConaughey. M&Ms make great square markers, and child-free events can turn this into a drinking game.

Make Your Own AstroTurf Placemats

Use squares of AstroTurf or green felt and white cloth or electrical tape to make festive football field placements or a decorative table runner. Fashion white tape and crepe paper into a one-use tablecloth that will make cleanup a snap.

Decorate Your Home Like a Stadium

It’s easy and affordable to go the extra mile with game-day decor, especially because footballs, field goals and white stripes are easy shapes for even the clumsiest crafter to master. Craft dowels, green and brown paper, and white electrical tape are all the supplies you need to create banners, scoreboards and football fields in your home. Or, you can turn your living room into a football stadium with decorations from Etsy or Amazon.

Build Your Own Photo Booth

Your guests are going to be taking lots of pictures. Make it fun with a photo booth backdrop and props or stand-ins. Use online tutorials to make your own or buy them online.

The Big Game gives even the most casual of football fans a chance to celebrate. Make your 2020 game day gathering memorable with fun party ideas, snacks and cocktails

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