Home Matters 7 Favorite DIY Fathers Day Gifts

Trying to find the perfect father's day gift? Make a gift from the heart with the Home Matters 7 best DIY father's day gifts from bookmarks, planters and letters.



Can’t think of what to buy Dad for Father’s Day? Don’t just buy a gift… make something Dad will truly treasure. Get inspired by our favorite DIY Father’s Day gift ideas.

We’ve scoured the Web in search of the best DIY dad gift ideas so you don’t have to. Not only are these gifts original and adorable, kids (and adults) of all ages can make them with just a few simple materials, a little creativity and a whole lot of love.

1. Dinosaur Planter

Dinosaur planter


Maybe the Dad in your life loves dinosaurs. Or perhaps he just has a wacky sense of humor. Either way, he’ll love this offbeat planter that gives him a uniquely masculine way to add some greenery to his office desk or nightstand. This is a project most kids can handle with just a bit of adult supervision. You’ll need a dinosaur toy (new or used) some spray paint, potting soil and a succulent plant. Make your own handmade dinosaur planter for dad.

2. “Honey, I shrunk the Kids” Homemade Bookmarks

This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for old-school Dads who still relish reading a bound book. Give Dad a reason to crack-up every time he cracks open the spine and keep him company as he makes his way from cover to cover. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you hanging…Here's how to make your own awesome homemade bookmarks with tassels.


Family magnets


Bonus idea: Dancing Family magnets

Dad not much of a reader, but you still want to make him smile with family photos? Then this DIY Dancing Family magnet set is the perfect gift. Hinged joints give you almost limitless flexibility to show off your dance moves. Just add magnets to the back of the torso to take the stage on a fridge, magnetic board or metal filing cabinet.

3. Candy Bar Letters

Candy bar letters


Why just say it with words, when you can say it with candy? Give Dad some of his favorite treats and a sweet letter to savor on Father’s Day. Use this letter as inspiration to write your own and feel free to personalize the message and change up the candies to match Dad’s particular favorites.

Make your own candy bar letter with this easy how-to guide.

4. Comic Book Coasters

Comic book coasters


Superheroes are more popular than ever. But no one comes close to topping your personal hero… your Dad. Give him the recognition he deserves with these fun handmade, comic book-themed coasters. Each one can feature a different colorful character so you can add some real “POW”, “POP” and “BAM” to your table. Plus, Dad will appreciate the thought of protecting the furniture from his biggest nemesis… evil water rings. One important tip: DON’T get your images from Dad’s personal collection of vintage comics. See how easy it is to craft these cool coasters.

5. Etched Glasses

Pilsner glasses


Want some cool glasses to top off those awesome coasters you’re going to make? Or just want to give Dad custom glasses that he can show off on the back deck? These DIY Etched Glasses can make this year’s Father’s Day even more personal with your individualized monogram, special message or custom design.

Dad will not only appreciate the thought, he’ll be impressed by your attention to detail. Just one FYI about this DIY… this craft is best suited for adults or older children who can safely handle glass and etching cream. Get more details.

6. Flavored Popcorn Salts

DIY popcorn salts


Treat Dad to family movie night and turn up the popcorn flavor with these easy recipes for seasoning salts. Sprinkle on the love with homemade Buffalo Ranch or Bacon Parmesan salt. There’s even a Chocolate Wine Salt for sophisticated oenophiles. Dad is sure to enjoy chilling with the family and munching on his delectable popcorn more than ever before.

7. DIY Toddler Art Shirt

Art t-shirt


A craft that doesn’t require ANY artistic ability, how great is that? This one is so simple even a toddler can do it. In fact, it’s the perfect gift for Dads of toddlers.

It only takes a few simple steps and basic supplies to turn your children’s scribbles into wearable art. Dad will be more than impressed. He’ll be proud to show off his child’s masterpiece. And isn’t this so much cooler than a “World’s Greatest Dad” T-shirt?

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