4 Easy, Inexpensive Holiday Decorations That You Can Make

If you’re long on holiday decorating enthusiasm but short on money and time, here are some simple, economical ways to deck your halls this year.
Woman Decorates Pine ones for Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorations


• For rustic elegance, take a walk outside and gather natural items like pinecones, acorns, magnolia leaves, and seed pods (children love to help do this). Look for a variety of shapes and textures. Spread the items on old newspapers and paint them using gold, silver, copper, or bronze metallic spray paint. If weather permits, do the painting outdoors or make sure to have adequate ventilation if you spray paint indoors. When the items are dry, use them on your table as a holiday centerpiece, use floral wire to affix them to wreaths, or place them in bowls or tall glass containers around your home on tabletops.

• One sweet idea is to use candy canes to add a bright, whimsical touch to your holiday decor. Bunch candy canes together, tie them with a bright red ribbon, and place the bundle in a vase or pitcher. Using a needle and fishing line, string candy canes together to create a cheery garland for your mantle or to drape over a mirror. Hang them individually from chandeliers, door knobs, or your Christmas tree. Hot glue the candy canes to wreaths and evergreen garlands.

• Save the plastic measuring scoops from laundry detergent boxes, and spray paint them. Punch a small hole through the end of the handle, and tie a ribbon or string through it. Using markers, paint, glitter, and holiday miniatures found at craft stores, decorate the inside of each scoop to create a holiday panorama. Then, hang the finished ornaments on your tree or string them together to create a garland.

• Even your refrigerator can get in the holiday act with a tree mosaic. Cut triangles (all the same size) from green construction paper. Using masking tape on the backs of the triangles, place the green paper pieces on your refrigerator door in a tree shape, starting with one triangle at the top and then building the tree with two triangles in a row below, then three, four, five, etc. until the tree is the size you wish. The triangles can be decorated with photos and names of family members, used as a holiday wish list, or can serve as an Advent calendar. (That refrigerator will get a lot of use this holiday season – make sure it’s protected with a home warranty!)

You don’t have to invest a lot of money or time to create a fun, festive environment for family and guests this season. Handmade, homemade decorations not only give your home a warm ambiance, but also give you and your family enjoyable activities to share. You’ll create some holiday treasures ... and some lasting memories!


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