Healthy Eating on the Go

If you’re always shuttling back and forth to your listings, it can be hard to find time to eat right. These tips that can help you eat healthier when you're on the move.

Start the day right.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism and gives you energy so you can focus on your clients. Before you hop in the car and head to the office or a new listing, try to eat something healthy every morning. Here are some quick breakfasts you can eat at home or take in a thermos or container if you are short on time.

  • Quick Cook Oatmeal: Add steaming low-fat milk and it’s ready in about three minutes.
  • Breakfast Smoothie: Put your favorite fruit in a blender with low-fat milk or orange juice, add some kale or spinach and a couple of ice cubes.
  • Plain Greek Yogurt: Stir in sliced almonds and/or fresh fruit and a squeeze of honey.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs: Make a half dozen or so at the beginning of the week. Then, pack them for a quick, nutritious snack.
  • Whole Wheat Toast or Bagel: Top it with peanut or almond butter and sliced banana.

Snack smart.
When you need a little something to keep you going during the day, pass on the potato chips and sugary snacks. Go with natural snacks that are good for you and will give you energy. Peanuts, cashews or any raw nut are a great pick-me-up to keep you going as you head to the next open house. Other healthy options include carrot or celery sticks, pretzels, low-sugar nutritious bars, whole-wheat crackers, yogurt, raisins and fresh or dried fruit. For something more substantial, easy-open packets of tuna, salmon or chicken are a very satisfying high protein option.

Watch the coffee calories.
With coffee shops everywhere, it’s pretty tempting to stop and treat yourself when you can. Unfortunately, many coffee drinks are covered with whipped cream and syrup and loaded with calories and sugar—some of them so much, it’s like drinking a dessert. Fill a thermos with coffee or tea from home and keep it in your car. You’ll get the caffeine kick you crave and cut way down on the calories.

Eating healthy outside.
If you grab a quick lunch at the drive-thru or roadside stand, go with the healthy options. Instead of a burger and fries, opt for a grilled chicken wrap and a side salad with low-fat dressing. Always choose boiled or baked dishes over sautéed and fried, and avoid cream-based soups or gravies. You won’t feel sluggish after you eat, and your waist will thank you down the road. Soft drinks are full of empty calories and diet drinks can make you hungrier, so stick with water, seltzer or unsweetened iced tea when possible.

Keep it clean.
Your car is an extension of your office. The last thing your clients want to see when they hop in your vehicle to check out a new listing is a mess. Make sure that you don’t leave any food containers lying around or have crumbs all over the car. Also, be wary of food orders and use a natural citrus air freshener, if needed, to keep the interior fresh.