“Out of the Box” Home Appliance Halloween Costumes

American Home Shield looks to home appliances as inspiration for Halloween costumes. Be a running fridge, head in the freezer, microwave head or dirty laundry.

Anybody can dress up as a scary witch or a funny clown for Halloween and blend into the sea of other similar costumes. But you can bet not many people will be dressed up as a home appliance! If you’re looking for a truly clever and unique costume, here are some creative appliance ideas that could win you that “Best Costume Award.”

The Running Refrigerator

“Is your refrigerator running?” Now it literally can be. How to do it: Take a large rectangular box, cut off the bottom (keeping the long folds for doors), add arm and head holes, paint it white then decorate it with magnets, grocery lists and photos. Wear it over your running clothes and dash off to your Halloween party.

Running refrigerator costume



Head in the Freezer

Take the fridge idea to the next level with this “cool” head in the freezer idea:


Head in the freezer


Dirty Laundry

Keep it fresh with a homemade washer costume — great for kids and adults! Simply cut head and arm holes in a cardboard box, cover with white contact paper, draw on dials and glue on a clear plastic plate with socks behind it for the door. Get a small laundry basket, cut a hole in the bottom and attach it to the top. Then take it for a spin!

Dirty laundry children 

Go as a couple or get the whole family in on it with this laundry room theme:

 Dirty laundry family costume


What’s Cooking?

Don’t just be a chef, be the oven! Cut arm and head holes out of a cardboard box and paint the box white. Paint or glue on knobs and cut out the door. You decide what’s on the menu…a severed hand, worm soup or whatever your taste. It’s a Halloween feast for the eyes!

Whats Cooking costume 


Bun in the Oven

Expecting? Take a look at this cute bun in the oven costume:

Bun in the oven costume


Microwave Head

Heat up Halloween with this simple but clever idea. All you need is a box…once again! Cut out a hole for your head and paint the box black or silver. Cut or paint on a door and controls and zap…you’ve got a microwave head costume!

Microwave head



Potty Time

Get the “potty” started with this hilarious toilet costume! Start with a box (of course!) and cut out arm, leg and head holes. Spray paint it white and attach a painted white plastic salad bowl with a cheap toilet lid. You can even hang a roll of toilet paper with a hanger. Put it on and you’re good to go…literally!

Toilet costume 


These appliance costumes are sure to delight, if not fright, this Halloween. But do you know what’s really scary? When your real appliances and home systems break down. Avoid the hassles and protect your budget with an American Home Shield® Home Warranty.

AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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