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Home Built-In Microwave Warranty Coverage

Home Warranties Explained

Your built-in microwave is a convenient appliance in your kitchen, which means it's one that you want to keep in proper working order. Like any appliance, built-in microwaves will have needed repairs. A magnetron failure might stop the built-in microwave from heating properly, a faulty fan or transformer could result in a malfunction, or a blown fuse could leave the lights off. Built-in microwaves typically last about 8 or 9 years, and over the course of that time, it's likely your built-in microwave will have some needed repairs. When these issues occur, you’ll want to resolve them quickly so that your built-in microwave can be functional again.

American Home Shield's® Home Warranty coverage includes common built-in microwave malfunctions and helps you resolve them. When a malfunction occurs, we'll send a qualified, professional service contractor to inspect your built-in microwave, identify the problem and implement a solution with your approval. Typically, within 48 hours of your service call you’ll have a plan in place to get your built-in microwave functioning again.

Home Built-In Microwave -Covered Under American Home Shield Home Warranty

Compare Home Warranty Plans with Built-In Microwave Coverage

The AHS Home Warranty is accessible through three plan options. Explore these plans to find the right one for your home:

So, when it comes to choosing the right home warranty including coverage for your built-in microwave, consider what systems and appliances in your home require this layer of protection. If you have new systems still under manufacturer warranty, for example, you might opt for the Appliance Plan. On the other hand, the Combo Plan might be best if your current systems are no longer backed by a manufacturer warranty.

What's Covered in a Home Warranty with Built-in Microwave Coverage?

The AHS Home Warranty covers all of your built-in microwave's components and parts. As a part of the Appliances Plan, you will receive up to $3,000 in coverage for diagnosis, repair and replacement of your covered built-in microwave. While mechanical failures due to normal wear and tear are covered, regular maintenance of your built-in microwave is not. Always follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules to ensure your built-in microwave is in proper working condition. Home Warranties with built-in microwave coverage add another layer of protection, allowing you to rest easy knowing that when a covered malfunction occurs, AHS’ qualified, professional contractors will be there to help.

Suggested Plan For You

With a Home Appliance Warranty Plan, you will be covered for the replacement or repair of the components of many key home appliances, including built-in microwaves.
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Check Out These Other Plans For Built-in Microwave Coverage

Combo Plan

Our most popular plan, the Combo Plan provides coverage for many of your primary home systems and appliances. It includes everything in the Systems Plan and the Appliance Plan.

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Build Your Own Plan

Get exactly the coverage you need with this flexible option. Simply select 10 or more items from our list of covered items in your home and get the coverage that is most important to you.

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