Use These Smartphone Apps to Maintain Your Pool

You can do anything with your phone these days, including run your pool. Learn the best apps to help you worry less while soaking up the fun in your backyard more.
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It’s hard to believe that school will soon be out for summer once again. While that means more free time for the kids, it also means less time for already-busy parents trying to maintain their household swimming pools. We all know there’s an app for everything these days, but did you realize that includes your family pool? These clever smartphone apps for your pool will save your family time, money and guesswork this summer.

Nimbus Pool Doctor (iPhone — $9.99)

The Pool Doctor app is designed to control all of your pool’s chemical balances. It supports regular, saltwater and bromine pools, but displays only the analytics appropriate for your pool. Changing measurement units is easy, and the program saves and tracks treatment records. Given sufficient data, it automatically records Langelier saturations. It has a shock calculator and allows users to configure their own ideal ranges and chemical requirements.

Pool Pro Home (Android — $2.99)

Pool Pro Home is a cheaper version of the original Pool Pro ($9.99), revamped for individuals who maintain a home pool themselves. It supports bromine, chlorine and saltwater pools and tracks a myriad of chemicals and statistics, including water temperature and Langelier and calcite saturation indexes. It checks your levels against industry standards and gives recommendations for correction. You can save records and troubleshoot pool problems with the app, as well.

Pool Smart (iPhone — $0.99)

The Pool Smart app teaches how to open, close and maintain the water balance in your pool with just the right measurements of chemicals to remain efficient yet save you time and money. Screens tell exactly what to add, and the app has a troubleshooting function to help with aggravatingly common issues like stains, cloudy water or algae.

Pool Care (Android — Free)
From chemical tests and detailed adjustment recommendations to maintenance, backwash schedules and filter cleanings, Pool Care reminds you what to do and when to do it—all for free. It also allows users to graph and view their data, maintain multiple pools or spas and even email their results.

Swim University (iPhone — Free)

Another freebie, Swim University appears on every list of must-have swimming pool apps. It offers online guides, videos, how-to articles and buying guides. It is a reliable way to find quick answers to just about any pool or hot tub question, including the nitty-gritty issues like maintenance, troubleshooting and chemicals.

Pool Heater (iPhone and Android — Free)

The Pool Heater app monitors your swimming pool’s heat pump pool heater, water temperature and timer settings through a WiFi connection. The app also promises seamless background troubleshooting and problem resolution for a worry-free, comfortable pool temperature.

Swim by American Red Cross (iPhone and Android — Free)

Swim is a five-star-rated program and a go-to poolside resource for parents. Features include activities to keep young swimmers safe, water skills tracking and rewards for children's' accomplishments. It also it makes water safety fun through games, videos and water activities.


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